MPF24 Small Batch Twin Screw Extruder

Used for development work and low output production runs, the MPF24 is ideal for experimental and laboratory use. It is used to try out new ideas, assess ingredients, provide test marketing samples, and make small batches of product with high-value ingredients.

Process optimisation, sophisticated control

The clam-shell barrel can be opened at any time to assess the state of processing, allowing screw section profiles to be optimised. Sophisticated controls include date capture, trending, and recipe function.

Wide product range

Products range from standard direct expanded curls, rings and puffs to complex multi-component premium products. Flavours and colours can be added easily.

Reliable scale-up

Full, reliable scale-up to outputs from Baker Perkins’ range of production scale food extruders is possible with comparable screw geometry.

MPF24 Small Batch Twin Screw Extruder Specifications

  • Nominal barrel length 25:1 L/D
  • 24mm liner bore diameter
  • Maximum operating temperature: 170°C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 2000 psi
  • Liner Material: Through Hardened Steel (nitrided D2)
  • Barrel Opening Method: Manual
  • Barrel Cooling: Cored Barrel Backing Block
  • Discharge Arrangement: Single hole insert die
  • Product Cutting Arrangement: Machine mounted product cutter complete with cutter cage, variable speed drive motor and rigid blade knife
  • Agitator Speed Range: 0 – 600 rpm

Dry Powder Feed System

A gravimetric dry powder feeder system is used to accurately meter the dry powder pre-mix into the infeed port of the cooker extruder.

The feeder comprises:

  • A feed hopper to store ingredients prior to feeder itself
  • A loss-in-weight screw feeder, with continuous speed adjustment
  • All contact parts are in stainless steel

Liquid Feed System

A liquid feed system is used to pump process liquid from holding tanks into the extruder barrel.

The system comprises:

  • Two reservoir tanks for the storage of process liquids (water, oil). Each has a lid, and the water tank has a float valve
  • Two peristaltic pumps
  • 5.5kW @ 600rpm variable speed servo drive
  • One piece horizontally split clamshell barrel
  • One piece barrel liner manufactured from through hardened steel
  • Barrel water-cooled via cored one-piece barrel liner backing block
  • Barrel electrically heated via cartridge type heaters
  • Extruder barrel electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance
  • Co-rotating, self-wiping fully segmented agitator assemblies
  • Die assembly with single hole insert die
  • Two-tank liquid feed system with inverter driven peristaltic pumps
  • Product cutter with inverter driven rigid blade knife
  • Free standing barrel cooling unit
  • PLC control panel with touch screen interface

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