Process Support

Baker Perkins provides full process support to customers in the confectionery industry. We ensure they can take full advantage of the product and process benefits that differentiate depositing technology from conventional techniques.

Process support extends from advice and trials to establish a new or upgraded product range before equipment is ordered, to optimization of an installed system.

Innovation Centre

Baker Perkins pre-commissioning process support is based in the Innovation Centre at Peterborough. Here, equipment is available to enable customers to create new products and processes, produce samples for evaluation, and conduct feasibility trials.

The centre is used by companies new to the confectionery industry, established manufacturers wanting to upgrade to depositing, and existing customers testing new product ideas without absorbing valuable production plant time. The innovation centre is a secure environment where visitors are assured of total confidentiality.

Dedicated technology

The Innovation Centre contains a wide range of pilot and laboratory scale equipment dedicated to the confectionery industry. Experienced process technologists are on hand to offer help on product formulations, process parameters and equipment selection. A wide variety of ingredients, flavours and colours can be assessed.

Companies from every part of the world find that thorough trials, ideally using their own raw materials, provide a reliable basis for trouble-free commissioning of new plant or launch of new products.

Companies still using conventional technologies such as die forming use the Innovation Centre to convert to the depositing process, whilst maintaining the distinctive qualities of their product range.

Commissioning and training

Baker Perkins installs and commissions new plant, and ensures product quality and output; operators can be trained either at Peterborough or in the customers’ factory.

Ongoing services include benchmarking and process optimization of installed equipment. We analyse current operation, and fine-tune machinery to maximize performance and reduce operating costs.

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