Multitex4™ Final Moulder

Current location: Grand Rapids, MI
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One pair of driven centralizing infeed rollers

Four pairs of PTFE sheeting rolls (100mm diam.)

Roll geometry is designed to be largely self-cleaning

Individual gap adjustment for bottom three pairs of rolls, adjusted by calibrated handwheels

One small diameter stripping roll on the final pair of sheeting rolls

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Independent A/C drives on all four pairs of sheeting rolls, controlled by variable speed inverters

Motorized moulding board belt


One coiling conveyor driven from the final pair of sheeting rolls, with two coiling chains for tight coiling

500mm wide moulding conveyor with:

One piece moulding table for rigidity

Simple, hygienic belt circuit with quick belt change facility

Spring loaded moulding board having a motorized band, with springs struts to support in raised cleaning position

Manually adjustable inlet and outlet height

Manually adjustable inlet and outlet guides width


Stainless steel construction

All above mounted between 20mm thick stainless steel side frames

Covers and Guards

Stainless steel external covers with electrically interlocked front and rear access doors, also catch tray


Two process air fans with stainless steel ducts and nozzles to direct drying air onto the back of the sheeting rolls and the conveyor belts


Single piece panning as standard

Tumble panning chain with adjustable side guides

Moulding Board

A single piece extension moulding board for use as an alternative to the 4 / 6-piece assembly

Standard Electrical Controls

Machine mounted relay logic electrical control panel

Machine mounted operator controls including start/stop buttons, 8 position roll speed ratio selector switch, and dough feed on/off switch

Static coated extension board after main moulding board to enhance dough piece shape.

Hinged up to the moulder end for quick changeover.

Also Included

One(1) 4-Piecing Assembly

A 4-piecing assembly

Frame with knives to cut dough cylinder into 4 pieces, and turn them through 90° to form assembly.

Hinged up to the moulder side for quick changeover.

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