Accurist2.1™ 6-Pocket Dough Divider

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    Current location: Grand Rapids, MI

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    Range is 10 - 30 strokes per minute


    The division box is six-pocket, giving a weight range of 300 – 1,100 g, dependent on dough density


    The Divider’s painted steel side frames support the stainless steel top box

    Covers and Guards

    All exterior covers are stainless steel with operator access covers hinged for easy cleaning and maintenance
    The hinged covers are fully interlocked for safety


    Mounted on wheels for mobility

    Drive Components

    A 4 kW geared motor directly drives a camshaft that operates the stainless steel division box, nickel cast iron knife and nylon dies.
    The nickel cast iron ram is driven by a separate 3.2 kW servo drive motor. The ram pressure can be adjusted to suit individual products for minimum dough damage.

    Oil Systems

    A positive displacement mechanical pump distributes oil to lubricate the sliding surfaces
    An oil tank is included that may either be filled manually, or automatically from a bulk oil system. A low level sensor will stop the Divider to prevent it running without oil

    Weight Control

    The weight control mechanism is motorized and may be linked to feedback from a Checkweigher

    Also Included

    One (1) 630kg Dough Hopper with Breaker Bars

    A 630 kg capacity hinged bulk hopper with dough breaker bars to cushion the impact of the dough, all with non-stick internal coating. Fitted with one small vision panel in the front to view the dough level. Gives total capacity of 680 kg.

    One (1) Divider Docking Frame, Primary and Secondary Conveyors

    A docking frame (floor mounted) is included to locate the Divider positively, whilst giving quick wheel-in/wheel-out facility.

    Primary and secondary conveyors mounted on the docking frame with their drive speeds synchronised with the Divider. Includes guarding to the divider discharge area.
    The conveyor belt material is a Novo25 felt top belt. Belt may be easily removed for off-machine cleaning.

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eSheet: Accurist2.1™ Divider

eSheet: Accurist2.1™ Divider

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Brochure: Bakery Mixing & Forming Systems