CHEMUK - Birmingham, UK

CHEMUK - Birmingham, UK

Baker Perkins will be focussing on extrusion technology on the Schenck Process UK Ltd stand C15 at CHEMUK at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, 11th - 12th May 2022.

Baker Perkins supplies a comprehensive range of twin-screw extruders for applications from small batch up to high-output continuous production. The extruders have been specifically engineered with features that help to maintain consistent quality while keeping running costs low.

They are suitable for a wide range of specialised chemical applications, as well as powder coatings and biodegradable packaging.

The high torque-capacity, high free-volume geometry and uniform barrel heating ensure that consistency is maintained under all operating conditions. Quality is maintained at high output or with low bulk density materials with optional features such as Baker Perkins' exclusive MAX³ feed system and side feeding.

Quick start-up, reliable operation and rapid changeover keep operating costs low. All wear parts are long-lasting and easily replaced and when combined with the ultra-low maintenance drive train result in minimal maintenance costs.

Straightforward set-up and adjustment means that very little operator attention is required for efficient running. The clamshell barrel can be opened quickly and easily for regular cleaning or changing the screws while the open-fame design and high ground clearance mean that it is very easy to keep the area around the machine clean.

Baker Perkins' range of twin-screw extruders includes a 19mm benchtop machine for research labs, a 24mm unit for pilot plants and production extruders from 30mm up to 100mm. Barrel length is chosen to suit the application and both clamshell and solid barrels are available with heating and/or cooling as necessary.

Baker Perkins offers comprehensive support on all machines. A full range of replacement parts - plus engineering service and equipment upgrade packages - ensure that your machine is kept running at optimum efficiency throughout its life.

Biodegradable packaging

A new application is biodegradable packaging. Twin-screw extrusion is ideally suited to the the process of mixing, hydrating, expanding, shaping and cutting bio-materials into chips and shapes.

Dies for chips, strips and sheets are available, along with the appropriate cutter, and are easily interchanged to allow a full range of product types to be manufactured.

Loose fill packaging materials are a familiar part of everyday life and becoming more so as consumer shopping habits continue to migrate online. Loose fill chips, or peanuts, are ideal for companies despatching a range of different products as they are lightweight and flow easily to fill gaps between the box and a product of any shape and size.

Once in place, the chips interlock to form a rigid and stable yet flexible structure that prevents movement of the product while providing good shock absorption.

Loose fill chips are also non-abrasive, non-adhesive and do not involve heat or chemicals at the point of use.

Extrusion Innovation Centre

Baker Perkins’ Extrusion Innovation Centre at Peterborough offers full testing facilities, alongside research and development services for a whole range of extrusion applications.

The Innovation Centre is a dedicated resource for the powder coating, chemical, pharmaceutical, packaging and construction material industries; particularly for companies looking to develop new products and processes, produce samples and conduct feasibility trials, as well as those exploring a change from batch to continuous processing.

The centrepiece of the laboratory is the MPX24 Integra, designed for research and small batch production of a wide range of applications. It delivers repeatable results that are accurately reproduced on a production scale machine, so recipes and settings scale up precisely.

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