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01 September 2015

Worldclass Innovation, Support and Services


'Best-in-class' Equipment

Baker Perkins uses its capabilities to design equipment that meets the specific needs of the industry, and imaginatively solves issues such as better weight control, reduced maintenance and easier use.

As well as offering 'best-in-class' equipment for each key process stage, there is constant development of new end products and processes.

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Unrivalled Process Knowledge

Technical excellence and innovation are firmly grounded in unrivalled process knowledge and engineering expertise won during 100 years involvement in the biscuit industry throughout the world.

Because we supply full lines we understand the complete process, providing unparalleled backing to customers from design, build and commissioning to complete Lifetime Support.

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Largest Installed Base

Baker Perkins has the largest installed base and the greatest depth of resources.

Expertise is located at Peterborough in the UK, and at Grand Rapids in Michigan, USA, the acknowledged market leader for production of cookie and soft dough biscuits.

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