Wirecut Encapsulation Module

This optional modular unit can be fitted to any wirecut to convert the machine from a standard unit to one that can do both cookies and encapsulated cookies.

Choice of tasty fillings

Fillings can include any ingredients which are low enough in viscosity, including chocolate, caramel, cream, peanut butter or jam.

A new opportunity for profit

A continuous stream of filling is pumped into the centre of the dough cylinder, forming two concentric cylinders.  The reciprocating wire frame is replaced by a set of iris-die cutters which crimp (or pinch) the dough and filling, forcing the dough to completely enclose the filling.

Uniformity for easy packaging

Once the encapsulated cookies are on the conveyor band they pass under a tamping or gauging roll that flattens them slightly. This removes any machine marks caused by the iris die and ensures that the cookies are of uniform thickness to help with packaging efficiency.

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