Biscuit Handling Systems

A range of unit machines and conveyors that transport product from the outfeed of the oven to the infeed of the wrapping machines are available. Systems are modular, semi- or fully-automatic, and designed to suit each specific application by combining a series of individual units linked by conveyors.

Cooling conveyor

This is either single or two-tier, depending on factory layout.  A two-tier system is often used when it is desirable or necessary to turn biscuits over during cooling.

Servo-controlled channelling board

This unit takes biscuits from the cooling conveyor and guides them into the stacking machine infeed.  Servo-control ensures that a widely spaced, ‘nested’ pattern of biscuits converges efficiently into a series of closely-spaced individual lanes of product.

Stacking unit

The stacker accepts biscuits in a flat configuration from the channelling board.  It converts them to an ‘on-edge’ formation, and continuously builds ‘slugs’ of biscuits for transfer to the infeed of a wrapper or cream sandwiching machine.

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