Dough Feed Systems

Baker Perkins’ dough feed systems transfer mixed dough to the forming machines. Batches are converted into a continuous flow, and the dough is metered into the hopper at the correct rate and in optimum condition.   

Designed for purpose

Each system is designed to match individual plant output and product type, ensuring timely transfer without delay, allowing for dough resting and conditioning.

Effective delivery

Systems consist of a number of hygienically designed unit machines and conveyors. Metered systems include cutting and chopping machines to ensure dough is evenly spread across the full width of the forming machine. They also ensure dough level in the forming machine hopper is constant and does not ‘bridge’, characteristics essential for accurate control of product weight.

Automatic operation

Dough feed systems may be part of a fully integrated process, from mixer to wrapping machine. Dough is not mixed until it is required downstream, as a stoppage at any point will cascade back through the plant and halt production.

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