TruClean™ Laminators

Laminating produces a lighter, crisper texture than sheeting for crackers. Baker Perkins’ high output, flexible range of machines is designed to produce superior quality products at minimum cost.  It includes a conventional vertical cut sheet laminator and a unique combination laminator for multi-purpose plants.

Precise weight control

Accurate weight control is achieved by close control of dough sheet thickness and the lay-down process. Advanced motion-control technology improves the precision of the sheet positioning and lay-down.  Velocity and position can be adjusted during operation, making it easy to achieve a perfectly laminated sheet.

Combination laminator for maximum flexibility

Baker Perkins’ combination laminator makes a full range of laminated and sheeted hard sweet products and crackers on a single plant. It incorporates an ingenious mitre turn after the sheeter, feeding the dough either to the laminator or to the first gauge roll.

Efficient and reliable

Waste and scrap are low, while changeover and cleaning between production runs is quick and straightforward.  High quality components and software maintain trouble-free operation for long periods.

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