Forming Ancillaries

A range of units available to put the finishing touches to, or add value, to biscuits, crackers, cookies and bar products.

Jelly topper

A versatile machine depositing jams and jellies onto biscuits and cookies.  It uses a manifold to apply the topping, with accurate control of weight and position. The machine is placed before the oven and synchronized with the forming machine, typically a wirecut.

Washover unit

This unit applies egg solution, milk, or similar liquids onto the surface of the unbaked biscuit or cookie dough face, after the rotary moulder or rotary cutter.  When baked it gives the product a characteristic sheen, improving appearance.

Salt / sugar sprinkler

This sprinkles an evenly distributed layer onto the product passing below on a swivel panning conveyor.   Excess material can be collected, sieved and recycled.

Swivel panning conveyor

This transfers biscuits from the forming machine to the oven band, passing under the salt/sugar sprinkler.  If the oven band ‘wanders’, the conveyor will track it, maximising oven band use by accurate product placement.  No salt or sugar topping is carried onto the oven band to create cleaning problems.

Double eccentric guillotine

Positioned after a bar former to cut the continuous strip of product into bar lengths, this is usually used in conjunction with a TruClean wirecut.

The mechanism provides a two stage precise cutting action. Rapid blade movement during the cutting phase reduces product distortion and sticking. Product length is easily and quickly adjusted between bite size and full size bars. The guillotine handles a wide range of products, and large inclusions such as dry fruit, nuts and grains, giving a clean cut through tough and difficult materials.

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