TruClean™ Frozen Dough Machine

This high-output modular system produces every type and size of cookie dough piece for bake-off operations.  It combines exceptional reliability, fast changeovers, accurate weight control and excellent hygiene standards.  High production rates are maintained while keeping operating costs low.

Versatile product range

The full range of cookies, bite size to gourmet, from 46 to 121mm can be made in most types of soft dough; there is an optional oscillating knife attachment for sticky or chunky dough.  It can incorporate large inclusions and toppings for gourmet varieties.

Flexible specification

The system is based around a Baker Perkins wirecut with a series of standard modules for wire cutting, topping, paper slitting and paper cutting.  Modules are selected on the basis of product to be made and the style of packing – onto paper or directly onto a band for bulk packing.

Easy to operate, clean and maintain

TruClean hygienic design brings the freedom from allergens and other cross-contamination issues essential to frozen dough producers, who have no control over the baking of their product.  Every detail of the wirecut is engineered to minimise accumulation of debris, and to make thorough and effective cleaning as easy as possible.

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