550 Vertical Spindle Dough Mixer

This food manufacturing machine is suitable for all types of biscuit dough, especially where a gentle mixing action is required. It handles a full range of hard and soft biscuit doughs with minimal changeover time between different dough types

Ideal for sponge and dough type processes

The 550 is well-suited to sponge and dough type processes where two mixings and a fermentation period are required.

Simple to operate, easy to maintain

Controls consist of raise/lower for the tub; stop/start for the beaters and a timer for optimum control over final mix. With all drive and control components clear off the floor, and a minimum number of components, operation is safe and hygienic.

Convenient batch sizes

Typical mixing times and batch sizes (including loading and unloading the tubs from the machine) range from 15 minutes and 550kg for soft dough to 45 minutes and 475kg for very hard dough.

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