Laboratory Scale Cereal Cooking System

Used for research, product development and test marketing purposes, the process of a full-size plant for traditional breakfast cereals is reproduced precisely by the laboratory scale rotary cooking unit, flaking rolls and ThermoGlide2 toaster.

Scale-up accuracy

The technology specification matches production-scale models for the preparation of milled or whole grain cereals including wheat, corn and bran, giving completely accurate scale-up. New product development, ingredient testing and process troubleshooting are all accomplished.

Thorough and consistent cooking

Batches of grain are cooked in a slowly rotating vessel through. The rotation of the vessel works to constantly move and turn the grains in the pressurised steam for even and thorough cooking. The cooking process is consistent, stable and repeatable.

Flaking and toasting

Laboratory scale flaking rolls and a ThermoGlide2 toaster complete the system. The flaking roll achieves the highest flake quality by accurately controlling the main process variables. The ThermoGlide2™ toaster is available as a batch machine for small scale development samples.

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