Powder Coatings

Continuous processing of powder coatings and toner

Continuous processing gives productivity and product quality improvements over traditional batch processing alternatives.  In a continuous production process, raw materials are fed accurately and continuously into the automated system.

Continual checks

Tests and measurements of pre-defined product and / or process characteristics can be carried out continually. These checks are accomplished without interrupting the manufacturing process, and without stopping the equipment or process. Batch to batch variation is eliminated and process control improved.

Cost saving potential

Continuous processing overcomes many drawbacks of batch processing which require time, effort and investment. Continuous processing reduces many process stages to one; this lowers investment, energy, labour and space requirements. Waste shrinks to negligible levels; cleaning and maintenance are rapid and easy.

Waste reduction

In a continuous process, rejected product can be handled by live automated feedback, and adjustment to the process parameters and recycling loops. This enables the re-use of some or all reject materials. Rejected material can be minimized by discarding small amounts of product rather than complete batches.

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