Extrusion Innovation Centre: Peterborough, UK

Baker Perkins’ Extrusion Innovation Centre at Peterborough, UK, offers full powder coating and non-food production facilities, with research and development services for a wide range of Industrial Extrusion applications.

Dedicated resource

The Innovation Centre is a dedicated resource for the powder coating, chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical, packaging and construction material industries.   It enables companies to develop new products and processes, produce samples and conduct feasibility trials, or explore a change from batch to continuous processing.

Full range of facilities

The Centre includes a MPX24 Integra twin-screw extruder with feeder, chill roll and flaking unit.  (Link to Integra page here)  There are grinding, spraying and curing facilities, plus a full set of analytical instruments to check consistency and quality.


Customers from around the world work with their own raw materials and are guaranteed complete confidentiality, working alongside Baker Perkins’ technologists to supply data to enable uncomplicated commissioning of new equipment or development of new products.

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