MPX19 benchtop extruder

The MPX19 is ideal for academic, laboratory and development work, including examining process problems, extending product lines, and developing new processes. 

It is an ideal tool for companies moving from batch to continuous processing to establish processing parameters to match existing products.

Reliable scale-up

The MPX19 incorporates features that replicate Baker Perkins’ production scale extruders, ensuring reliable scale-up.   The clam-shell barrel and segmented screw assemblies enable different screw configurations, process settings and formulations to be tested and assessed quickly.

Wide application range

An electrically heated / water cooled barrel gives tight temperature control; a chill roll is included; and barrel lengths can vary from 15:1 to 40:1 L/D, with multiple process zones for a variety of applications.  Adjusting and testing the formulation, process parameters and screw configurations are uncomplicated.

Industry 4.0 ready

All Baker Perkins powder coating extruders are Industry 4.0 ready.  Control system functionality matches that on production machines, and there is a full recipe management system with a 50 formulation capacity, and full data logging.

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