Hard Sweet Biscuits

Hard Sweet Biscuits Typical Production Line

High Speed Mixer

Dough is mixed with a unique, shafless mixing blade that ensures good dispersion of ingredients. Mixed dough is automatically discharged into a dough feed system or tub. In many facilities, the mixer is located on the floor above the main line: mixed dough is discharged into the dough feed through a floor chute.

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TruClean™ Three Roll Sheeter

Dough is fed into the three-roll sheeter, which forms a compacted sheet of constant thickness and density. This ensures a consistent and even sheet is fed to the gauge rolls.

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TruClean™ Gauge Rolls

Achieve and maintain the desired thickness of a sheet of dough.

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TruClean™ Rotary Cutter

A pair of engraved rolls emboss then cut dough pieces from a continuous sheet.

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Direct Gas Fired Oven: radiation heating plus optional turbulence
TruBake™ Oven: convection heating
Hybrid Oven: combines the most appropriate heat transfer method

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Variants of the hard sweet biscuit are made around the world. Some are among the best-known in the industry, including rich tea, Marie and morning coffee, for example.

Versatile systems

Baker Perkins’ sheet forming and cutting lines process a wide range of dough types. Production lines may be configured to suit laminated or straight sheeted process requirements – or both, if the unique combination laminator is used.

Process alternatives

Sheeting is the most common process for these products, but laminating is frequently used when a particularly light texture is required. Laminated and sheeted products are gauged to the chosen thickness, relaxed, and then embossed and cut before passing into the oven.

Market-leading technology and experience

Baker Perkins is a leader in the supply of automated production lines for hard sweet biscuits, with more than a century of experience in engineering profitable, efficient, flexible systems.

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