Laboratory Scale Rotary Moulder

The laboratory rotary moulder reproduces precisely the process of a full-size machine. It enables multiple trials to be carried out quickly and cost effectively. The results can be scaled up accurately to a production environment.

Process accuracy

The machine removes all uncertainty and inaccuracy associated with ordinary lab machines.  It replicates exactly the arrangement of rolls, scraper and extraction web used on Baker Perkins production scale rotary moulders.

Trouble-free operation

New product development, ingredient testing and process troubleshooting are all accomplished with the minimum of time, effort and money.

Low cost multiple trials

Results obtained in laboratory tests cannot always be scaled up accurately.  This hand-operated or motor-driven machine can be used to carry out multiple trials, quickly and at low cost. A single ring of impressions can be engraved rapidly on the small, cost-effective moulding roll. For subsequent trials, the same roll can be used with additional engravings.

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