Multitex4™ Moulder

bread equipment forming final moulders

The Multitex4 combines gentle dough handling with high efficiency panning for consistent quality and low production costs. Hygienic operation and rapid repeatable changeovers contribute to exceptionally high operational efficiency and very few stoppages.

Reduced ingredient costs and less downtime

Gentle sheeting and moulding enables dough structure to be optimised, reducing the use of costly ingredients such as yeast and improvers, or improving loaf quality.

Hygienic design

Hygiene is emphasized by design features that prevent dough build up and avoid sticking and smearing. Cleaning is quick and easy with hygienically designed components, and open construction for access.

Added-value, fully enrobed seeded loaves

A new technique makes a fully-enrobed seeded loaf by rolling the coiled dough piece in the seeds or grains before panning. This seeds the top, bottom, sides and ends of the loaf.


Throughput is up to 6,000 pieces per hour (weight dependent); weight range 200 – 2,100g.

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