Accurist2.1™ Washdown Divider

accurist dividers

The Accurist2.1 uses servo control to achieve the optimum balance between accuracy and quality, even at high output.   An accuracy of 2.5 to 3.5g Standard Deviation is maintained even on long runs.

Gentle dough handling without loss of accuracy

Servo control preserves cell structure by minimizing shear, compression and ram movement. The quality benefits of gentle handling include up to 15% increase in cell count, up to 20% increase in softness.

Maintained quality and low lifetime running costs

Wear is minimized by long-life components, efficient lubrication, minimum ram movement and low-pressure operations.

Easy to operate and clean

An intuitive touch screen HMI provides recipe selection with optimum settings for each product, minimizing start-up times.   There is full washdown capability.


Three to eight pockets with weights between 175 and 1,650 grams; outputs from 1,260 to 14,400 pieces/hour.

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