1.2m (48”) TruClean™ Rotary Moulder

  • Stock Model Specification

    Current location: Grand Rapids, MI

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    Tel: +1 616 785 7503


    Frame: 303/304 stainless steel

    Hopper: Stainless steel welded hopper with metal detectable food grade plastic liner

    • 48” wide machine has approximately 0.054 cubic meters (1.9 cubic feet) capacity
    • Removable hopper with anodized aluminum safety grid
    • Interlocked safety switch

    Feed Roll: 303/304 stainless steel

    • Roll Diameter:  238mm (9.375”)
    • Square groove profile

    Die Roll: 254mm (10”) diameter die roll (product dependent and ordered separately)

    • Accepts standard 390 Rotary dies, reference HC05196
    • Die Roll Gap:  4.8mm (0.19”), fixed
    • Die Roll Knife:  A2 tool steel

    Mechanical adjustment

    • Die Roll Hook:  303/304 stainless steel
    • Rubber Roll:  Dual durometer
    • Inner Core:  40-45 durometer
    • Outer Core: 75-80 durometer
    • Roll Diameter:  192mm (7.56”)
    • Manual adjustment with position indicator scale

    Conveyor Belt:  One (1) synthetic belt

    • Endless bias lap
    • Tension manually adjusted on the run by mechanical handwheel adjustment
    • Quick belt removal feature with no tools
    • Nosebar:  303/304 stainless steel
    • 3.2mm (0.13”) radius machined
    • Tool free adjustment within 38mm (1.5”)
    • Conveyor Support:  303/304 stainless steel
    • Discharge Height:  1067mm (42”) +/- 25mm (1”)
    • Belt Cleaning:  Scraper with removable tray
    • Belt Tracking:  Pneumatic

    Drive Components: 

    • Feed Roll is driven by an independent washdown duty gearmotor
    • Die Roll is driven by an independent washdown duty gearmotor
    • Variable frequency drives
    • Rubber roll and conveyor belt are friction driven by the die roll
    • HP of the gearmotor will be determined by line speed and width
    • Nominal Speed:  7 - 20 RPM (18 - 52 FPM)

    Four (4) Casters:  Stainless steel casters with polyurethane wheels

    Two (2) flat faced fixed and two (2) flat faced swivel (includes caster step brakes)

    Electrical Controls

    • Operator friendly, simple pushbutton controls for ease of operation
    • Portable Main Electrical Enclosure
    • NEMA 4,  sloped top, stainless steel dual access enclosure
    • Power voltage from main door
    • Control voltage from opposite door
    • Portable:  Two (2) flat faced fixed and two (2) flat faced swivel (includes caster step brakes)
    • Casters mounted directly to control enclosure
    • Cable Storage Hooks:  Located on side
    • Cables:  To attach control enclosure to rotary moulder
    • Customer responsible for cable from power utility to control enclosure
    • Cable Length:  25’
    • Cable length requirement to be confirmed prior to order
    • Additional cable length requirement may increase cost
    • PowerFlex Human Interface Modules with digital speed indication and speed control mounted on top of main control enclosure
    • Pushbuttons On
    • Safety relay reset
    • Machine start/stop
    • Category 3 safety circuitry
    • Main panel E-stop
    • Allen Bradley PowerFlex variable frequency drives with safe-off functionality
    • Allen Bradley ScanPort communications for VFD control
    • Control side E-stop with NEMA 4X angle mounted enclosure
    • Junction Box(es):  NEMA 4X stainless steel, sloped top
    • Machine Mounted Electrical Devices:  Non-contact guard safety switches
    • Conduit:  Stainless steel


    • Covers and Guards:  303/304 stainless steel with sloped angles for drainage and stand-offs for cleaning
    • Labels and Manual:  English
    • Total kW = 9.3 kW

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Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Bars & Snacks

Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Bars & Snacks