Healthy Snacks

  • Healthy Snacks

    Consumers love the taste and texture of snack foods but are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact they could have on their health. Baker Perkins process innovations allow snack manufacturers to develop a wide range of new products that meet the growth in demand for foods matching healthier lifestyles.

    Low fat, whole grain and multigrain products

    Wholegrain products retain, after processing, all three parts of the original grain – the germ, bran and endosperm – in their original proportions.Multigrain products feature a combination of grains such as wheat, rye, corn, barley or rice; they offer the opportunity to develop new textures with a beneficial nutritional profile.

    Baker Perkins offers several product concepts based on a whole or multigrain platform.

    They include shredded, expanded and cracker snacks with greatly reduced levels of saturated fat, overall fat content, and salt.

    Technologies that sit at the heart of healthy snack production

    Baker Perkins has a broad range of technologies that enable new processes to be developed for snack foods. Sheeting, cutting, cereal cooking, flaking, shredding and toasting technologies are all available to help food companies take product concepts through to production.

    Using Baker Perkins' technology and expertise, installed lines can be adapted and expanded on a modular ‘building block’ basis to bolt-on extra products and processes.

    The inherent flexibility of equipment and processes means manufacturers can adapt, as new products and trends enter the market: lines installed now will be able to produce the latest style years into the future.

    Many lines are based on the Baker Perkins twin-screw extruder, a versatile machine allowing different grains and other ingredients to be processed. Baker Perkins’ heat transfer technologies enable the desired appearance and texture of high quality snack foods to be achieved - but without frying. Using radiant, convective or mixed mode heating, at high or low rate,these process technologies produce low-fat baked and expanded snacks as well as opening up opportunities to develop completely new snack formats.

    Facilities to develop new products and processes

    Many customers use the Baker Perkins Innovation Centre, which offers a range of development facilities in a confidential environment. Experienced Baker Perkins technologists using production scale equipment can turn initial concepts into finished products, with samples produced for test marketing trials.

  • Full Equipment Range
    Snack Master™ Standard Line  






    SBX Master™ Extruder

    CoEx Master™ Co-Extrusion Systems  






    CoEx Master™ Co-Extruder







    CoEx Master™ Pillow Crimper







    CoEx Master™ Cream Feed







    Shred Master™ Systems

    Heat Transfer  






    Thermoglide2™ Toaster







    Snack Toaster Oven







    Direct Gas Fired Oven







    Jetcirc™ Convection Oven

Brochure: Snacks

Brochure: Snacks

Snack Master™ Systems

Snack Master™ Systems

A modular range providing the flexibility to quickly and easily create snack products that match the latest trends in consumer preference.

Snack Innovation Centres

Snack Innovation Centres

Baker Perkins offers all its customers facilities to develop new products and processes, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials.