MPF19 Benchtop Development Extruder

  • Detail

    Often used as a research tool in the academic world, Baker Perkins’ benchtop MPF19 twin-screw extruder provides extensive information for research and product development work in a variety of applications including snack, cereal, ingredients and pellets.

    Product developers can use the MPF19 to quickly try out a range of ideas for evaluation; process technologists can carry out trials to help with trouble-shooting or process optimisation; and quality assurance technicians can assess the effect of new or alternative ingredients on the final products.

    Available as a fully integrated package with on-board HMI or a stand-alone unit with a separate panel, the MPF19 provides outputs in the 5 to 25 kg/hour range. Segmented screws allow great flexibility for profile design, and splined agitator shafts maximize reliability.

    Clam-Shell Barrel for Process Visibility

    The MPF19 features the Baker Perkins clam-shell barrel. This means that the machine can be stopped at any time with immediate access to view the state of material being processed. As adjusting the formulation, process settings and screw configurations are all straightforward, and the screw configurations identical in geometry to larger extruders, the MPF19 is an ideal tool for comparing and establishing recipe formulations.

    Advanced Control System

    The control panel includes most of the features found on production machines, and includes a full recipe management system holding up to 50 recipes, as well as historical trending of data and connectivity to a PC to capture that data. Full automatic start up and shut down sequences mirror production extruders.

  • Features

    Standard Features

    • 2Kw @ 500rpm Variable speed Servo drive
    • One piece horizontally split clamshell barrel
    • One piece barrel liner manufactured from Nitrided Steel
    • Electrically heated/water cooled barrel
    • Manual clamshell barrel opening
    • Speed Range 0 to 500rpm
    • General Electrical Protection IP55
    • Control Thermocouples 1 per controlled Zone PT 100’s
    • PLC Controlled
    • User Interface via HMI Touchscreen

    Optional Features / Equipment

    • 4Kw @ 1000rpm Motor
    • Barrel length 20:1 L/D
    • Barrel length 25:1 L/D
    • Barrel Cooling Unit (stand alone)
    • Volumetric Feeder 
  • Specifications

    Major Dimensions

    • Length 1,200mm
    • Width 600mm
    • Centreline Height 400mm
    • Overall with Feeder 1,000mm 
Technical Bulletin: MPF19 Benchtop Twin-Screw Extruder

Technical Bulletin: MPF19 Benchtop Twin-Screw Extruder

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