Innovation award for ServoForm™ Flexi depositor

Innovation award for ServoForm™ Flexi depositor

Baker Perkins’ ServoForm™ Flexi starch-free depositor received the Equipment Innovation Award at Confectionery Production magazine’s World Confectionery Conference in Brussels.

This latest depositing system for gummies impressed judges in terms of its evolution of an existing line of machinery, and notable potential within the fast-rising nutraceutical market.

Companies from across the full spectrum of industry entered five award categories as part of the inaugural World Confectionery Conference, which celebrated the sector’s resilience despite wider business challenges.

The ServoForm™ Flexi was introduced at the 2022 ProSweets show. It is ideal for gummies and jellies in the functional, medicated and healthcare markets as well as conventional confectionery.

It provides a hygienic and flexible alternative to the starch mogul, solving problems including high costs, poor hygiene, and for the functional sectors, the impossibility of validation.

The Flexi meets the needs of manufacturers looking for the hygiene and simplicity of starch-free depositing but with the longer setting times and versatility of moguls. Products using gelatin, pectin, carrageenan or blends as the gelling agent can all be handled.

Depositing is at final solids, so although the products need time to set before being demoulded, no drying is required. Setting time varies according to composition: from a few minutes for some pectin recipes up to a maximum of four hours for gelatin. This significantly reduces the time, energy and space required for post-depositing operations.

Two versions of the ServoForm™ Flexi are available: a single depositing head gives outputs up to 125,000 pieces/hour; a longer machine with two heads can produce up to 250,000 pieces/hour.

A French company has placed the first order for the ServoForm™ Flexi. A second new depositor, the ServoForm™ Mini+ is dedicated to the same market as the Flexi, but offering lower outputs up to 12,500 pieces/hour.

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