ProSweets Special Edition

Baker Perkins will be delighted to meet you on stand B005 in the Boulevard of ProSweets Special Edition in Cologne, Germany, 23rd – 25th April 2023.

Join us there to discuss our starch-free cooking, depositing and cooling lines for the full range of hard and soft sugar confectionery – hard candy and lollipops, jellies and gummies, toffee and caramel, fondant and fudge.

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The ServoForm depositor range extends from small batch and laboratory scale equipment to fully automated high-output continuous lines with outputs exceeding 2,000 kg/hour.

We have extended our capability beyond traditional confectionery to provide a full choice of equipment to meet the rapid growth of demand from the functional, medicated and healthcare confectionery markets.

Gummies are used to deliver a variety of functional ingredients including vitamins, minerals, fibre, CBD, protein, Omega-3, probiotics and energy supplements. Hard candies include antiseptics, menthol and eucalyptus oil to alleviate the symptoms of minor ailments such as coughs, colds, sore throats and nasal congestion.

We have introduced two new depositors specifically for this market. The 50kg/hour ServoForm Mini+ depositor meets increasing demand for high-viscosity recipes and gummies with centre fillings; while the ServoForm Flexi offers higher outputs up to 250,000pieces/hr (1,000kg/hr).

Both depositors can be incorporated into completely automated lines, from ingredient handling to finished product, as well as being utilised in the conventional confectionery industry.

The ServoForm Mini+ meets a need for products, particularly from the healthcare sector, for lower outputs of products with high viscosity casings and fillings. It is an extension to the proven ServoForm Mini depositor, of which more than 150 have been sold.

Incorporating an inventive servo-controlled process featuring a mould lift, the ServoForm Mini+ achieves high-accuracy positioning, and a clean separation without tailing of the thin strand of viscous syrup between one deposit and the next. The filling is prepared and deposited at ambient temperature to avoid heat degradation of high-value active ingredients.

The ServoForm Flexi combines the benefits of Baker Perkins’ hygienic starch-free depositing with the flexibility to choose setting times between a few minutes and several hours – ideal for the lower throughputs that are typically required for the functional, nutraceutical and healthcare markets.

The Flexi meets the needs of manufacturers looking for the hygiene and simplicity of starch-free depositing but with the versatility of moguls. Products using gelatin, pectin, carrageenan or blends as the gelling agent can all be handled.

Depositing is at final solids, so although the products need time to set before being demoulded no drying is required. Setting time varies according to composition, from a few minutes for some pectin recipes up to a maximum of four hours for gelatin. This significantly reduces the time, energy and space required for post-depositing operations.

Two versions of the ServoForm Flexi are available: a single depositing head gives outputs up to 125,000 pieces/hr (500 kg/hr); a longer machine with two heads can produce up to 250,000pieces/hr (1,000kg/hr).

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