ProSweets 2019 - Cologne, Germany

ProSweets 2019 - Cologne, Germany

Baker Perkins will be exhibiting at ProSweets 2019 in Cologne, Germany, 27th - 30th January 2019 (Hall 10.1, Booth B040).

Innovations reinforcing the status of starch-free depositing as the production process of choice for jellies and gummies will be highlighted, and a ServoForm™ Mini small batch depositor will be on display.

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Starch-free depositing for jellies and gummies

Jellies and gummies of any texture - from soft pectin jellies to chewy gelatin gummies - can be made economically and at high quality by Baker Perkins’ starch-free depositing process.

Baker Perkins continues to work with ingredient suppliers Rousselot and CEAMSA to minimise setting times - the key to higher productivity in the jelly and gummy sectors. Two recent developments bring significant opportunities to enlarge these sectors.

Recent work on the process as well as ingredient development enables gelatin gummies to be removed from moulds in minutes, rather than 24 hours, through a combination of world-leading gelatin producer Rousselot’s new SiMoGel solution, and Baker Perkins’ ServoForm™ starch-free depositors and cooking systems.

A second innovation, from ingredient supplier CEAMSA, uses carrageenan as the gelling agent to achieve gelatin-like textures in a vegetarian product. This opens up major markets such as India and the Middle East, where gelatin is not an option.

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New process and ingredient technology for starch-free depositing of gelatin gummies

3-dimensional shapes

Jellies can now be produced in 3D shapes such as fruits, animal characters, spheres and other geometric shapes.

They can be made in one or two colours; with stripes and layers; with solid or soft centre-fills; and with inclusions such as real fruit pieces.

This is a high-value, high-margin segment of the fast-growing jelly market, and these shapes cannot be made on a starch mogul. New mould technology that allows rapid and low-cost shape change is the innovation that has brought the benefits of starch-free depositing to the 3D jelly market.

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Now is the time to invest in 3D jellies

ServoForm™ Mini depositor

On show at ProSweets will be a ServoForm™ Mini depositor. This is a flexible depositing system for small batch production with outputs up to 54 kg/hour.

It brings the benefits of starch-free depositing - high quality, high efficiency and versatility - to companies producing confectionery in small batches, including those making medicinal and healthcare products such as cough candy, throat pastilles, and vitamin or mineral jellies.

Established manufacturers can produce low volume test runs of new products for consumer research.

The ServoForm™ Mini uses the same process and control technology as the well-established high-output ServoForm™ range of candy depositors, and is ideal for companies needing to make a variety of products on one line. The range includes hard candy, lollipops, jellies, gummies, caramels, fudge and fondant.

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A small batch depositor ideal for functional and medicated confectionery

Functional and medicated confectionery

Starch-free depositing is especially relevant for functional and medicated jellies and gummies, such as vitamin and mineral supplements, cough candy and throat pastilles, where the starch process cannot be considered.

Hygiene - particularly the elimination of cross-contamination - and strict recipe accuracy are critical, making starch-free depositing ideal through its consistent high-class products that support premium pricing and healthcare positioning. Crucially, depositing adheres to the principles of GMP and is readily capable of validation to FDA/EMEA standards.

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Continuous cooking and depositing technologies for functional and medicated confectionery

Starch-free depositing benefits

Compared to conventional methods such as die forming, starch mogul or cut-and-wrap, starch-free depositing provides a high quality, smooth product with accurate weight, size and shape characteristics.

The process offers rapid payback through minimal scrap, low production costs and hygienic operation. The nature of the depositing process creates complete control throughout the system, leading to extremely high dimensional, shape and weight accuracy, negligible scrap rates and efficient wrapping, plus maximum hygiene with low maintenance.

Compared with a starch mogul, starch-free depositing is significantly more cost-effective in every aspect, including capital cost and floor space. Most important of all, the absence of starch means no recycling, and lower costs in energy consumption, labour and consumables. The absence of starch means that it is also completely hygienic.

Starch-free depositing provides much better size, shape and weight control when compared with the cut and wrap process for toffees and caramels. Quality is more consistent, and there is a dependable smooth appearance. Filled and layered toffees - unachievable with cut and wrap - are easily produced on a depositor, while the regular shape is a particular benefit at the wrapper.

Baker Perkins’ experience

Baker Perkins traces its involvement with starch-free depositing to the earliest development of the process in the 1950s, and remains the acknowledged leader.

We do not just sell cooking and depositing equipment – we provide a complete service, with know-how gleaned from installing more than more than 500 starch-free depositing lines. Baker Perkins evaluates each customer’s total requirement of recipe, product and output before specifying a system. Tests in our Innovation Centre will optimise both process parameters and equipment design.

Companies from every part of the world find that thorough trials, often using their own local raw materials, provide a reliable basis for trouble-free commissioning of a new plant or the launch of a new product.

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