Powder Coating Summit 2019 - Columbus, OH

Powder Coating Summit 2019 - Columbus, OH

Baker Perkins will be attending the Powder Coating Summit at the Hilton Columbus in Columbus, OH, October 2-4, 2019.

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New generation of MPX powder coating extruders

The new generation of MPX production-scale powder coating extruders, with features that offering increased throughput, and meet demands for powder coatings that can be applied to temperature sensitive materials, will be highlighted.

These extruders provide continuous production at outputs from 100 to 2,900kg/hour. They are specifically designed for all types of powder coating formulations, including epoxy, hybrids, polyester, acrylics and fines recycling.

The new MAX³ feed system features a re-designed feed port and screws to improve flow of material into the extruder barrel and air out of it: this can lead to a throughput increase of up to 40% across all formulas.

The innovation addresses long-term problems within the industry of restricted output and torque surges caused by material building up in the extruder feed port. This occurs when particles hit the intake screws and ‘bounce’ back into the infeed areas rather than flowing into the machine.

 A major benefit is that lightweight, low density materials are handled more efficiently. This eliminates the need for side feeding, reducing capital cost, floor space and running costs: side feeding forces product into the screws causing high levels of wear.

Powder coating for wood and plastic

Baker Perkins has responded to market demands for powder coatings that can be applied to temperature-sensitive materials, such as wood and plastic, by developing an innovative cooling system for twin-screw extruders.

The system maximizes heat removal from the agitator shafts, screw elements and barrel to minimise the risk of pre-curing. This enables extrudate temperatures to be driven down below 100°C, allowing material with low curing temperatures to be produced.

It is standard on the new generation of Baker Perkins MPX 50, 65 and 80 machines.

The powerful cooling capacity of is due to a new barrel, and through-shaft cooling. The surface area of new multi-directional barrel cooling channels has been increased by 138%, and the channels are now closer to the barrel bores to increase heat transfer. Rates of cooling can be controlled and adjusted to suit each individual product profile.

Through-shaft cooling enhances extruder reliability: preventing the screws overheating is crucial, because if this happens the product can pre-cure on the screws. At best this reduces product quality and output, at worst an expensive machine shutdown to clean them. In both cases, there is a costly loss of production through downtime and waste.

Turnkey systems

Turnkey powder coatings systems meet rising demand from the industry for single-source, integrated lines. Baker Perkins is joined by partners providing specialist technology for each part of the process, to offer full, industrial-scale continuous lines for high-quality powder coatings with capacities reaching 2,900 kg/hour (6,400 lb/hr).

In addition to the extruder, a complete process line comprises weighing and feeding the mix before the extruder, and cooling, flaking and grinding after the extruder. Baker Perkins ensures that the capacities and capabilities of all individual units are matched, that mechanical and electrical interfaces are optimized, and that a centralized control system covers the whole fully automated line. Control systems provide clear, at-a-glance visualization of the process, including current status of all major components and parameters.

Control system

A new integrated control system has been developed that works with every machine in the Baker Perkins powder coating extruder range. The system includes remote access over the internet via a VPN router. This enables Baker Perkins engineers to log in to a machine anywhere in the world for fault-finding, commissioning and software updates.

Automatic management of machine settings through a system holding up to 50 formulations ensures exact, unvarying replication of each product, eliminating quality variations caused by operator error.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Features of the new range include easy clean design. The open frame allows operators to step right up to the machine for maintenance. Surfaces where powder could accumulate are minimized and all are easily accessible for cleaning; there is also high ground clearance for cleaning underneath

The top and bottom of the barrel open independently for safe removal of shafts. Opening only the top leaves the shafts supported so even long, heavy shafts may be removed safely, without risk of damage or operator injury; the bottom of the barrel opens for cleaning.

The stuffing box - where the shafts enter the barrel – is now split with the top and bottom halves opening with the barrel to provide instant access for maintenance.

Feeding options include a gravimetric feeder to provide improved accuracy, a pivoting mount to assist with calibration and cleaning, and a purge feeder. This provides an accurately metered and consistent flow of purge cleaning materials into the barrel which guarantees maximum effectiveness while using the minimum amount of purge material.

Options include a water cooled motor, quieter and easier to clean than the air cooled alternative. A gearbox condition monitoring system reduces unexpected downtime by providing advanced warning of maintenance needed or impending failure.

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