PACK EXPO International 2018 - Chicago, IL

PACK EXPO International 2018 - Chicago, IL

Baker Perkins will be focussing on innovative processes and equipment to produce confectionery, granola, bars, and a variety of extruded foods and ingredients on Booth S2695 at Pack Expo International in Chicago, October 14 to 17, 2018.

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Baker Perkins is exhibiting the ServoForm™ Mini small-batch depositor for producing a wide range of gummies and jellies, hard candy and lollipops. It is intended for low volume operations, particularly in the functional and healthcare markets, and is also ideal for experimental and development work across the confectionery sector.

Jellies and gummies are growth markets, and the 54 kg (120lb) per hour ServoForm™ Mini provides both the flexibility and low capital costs needed by small companies entering this market. The starchless process is hygienic with low running costs and is capable of making gummies and jellies of any texture, from soft pectin jellies to chewy gelatin gummies, economically and at high quality.

Recent developments mean that gelatin gummies can now be removed from the moulds in a few minutes, rather than 24 hours. Jellies combining pectin and gelatin reduce demoulding time; and a combination of pectin and carrageenan achieves gelatin-like textures which are vegetarian.

A key driver for the development of the ServoForm™ Mini was the rapid expansion in the production of functional confectionery. There is a key difference between conventional and functional confectionery: output requirements for functional products are much lower. Small batches are critical because individual consumption is low – perhaps one item a day.

Opportunities include jelly and gummy formats for vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS), as well as established hard candy OTC applications such as remedies for coughs, colds and sore throats.

The ServoForm™ Mini is proving very popular with start-up companies in the healthcare arena: the quality, hygiene and traceability demands of the market require that they utilize high-grade equipment from the outset. Other applications include new product development and production of marketing samples in established operations.

The traditional starch mogul process for jellies and gummies is not suitable for functional and healthcare products: not only does the use of the starch bring with it the risk of cross-contamination and hygiene problems but the long multi-stage process does not lend itself to economic small batch production.

Starchless depositing is more efficient and significantly more cost-effective in every aspect: capital cost, floor space, energy consumption, labor and consumables. The hygienic nature of the process adheres to the principles of cGMP, and the process is capable of validation to FDA/EMEA standards.

Baker Perkins has almost a century of experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of complete high-output confectionery cooking and starchless depositing systems to make hard candy, lollipops, toffees, caramels, fudge, fondant, and jellies.

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Baker Perkins’ ServoForm™ Mini depositor

New systems for granola production

The granola market is expanding rapidly, and Baker Perkins has developed a series of complete systems to make a variety of products. The latest development is new equipment to make crunchy granola bars; it extends an equipment range which already includes regular granola bars and baked granola cereal.

The new process involves compressing a sheet of pre-mixed granola to a higher density than conventional cold-formed granola bars, in order to achieve a biscuit-like product with a sharp bite. It was developed to fill a distinct, emerging niche market.

A feature of the system is a newly developed forming unit to meet the challenge of accurately guillotining the baked granola slab into bars. This features servo-control to ensure complete control over the cutting operation.

Oats are the usual base for these new bars, although other grains or dehydrated vegetables are also possibilities. Inclusions and coating – usually with yoghurt – can provide variety.

Baking rather than conventional drying of granola is the central feature of Baker Perkins granola lines. Baking gives a softer texture and fuller flavour than drying because it completely cooks the oats. In the drying process, the oats do not have time to cook thoroughly, and much of the starch remains raw.

Granola represents a significant opportunity for food manufacturers thanks to its rapidly increasing popularity both as ready-to-eat breakfast cereal and cereal bars.

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Baker Perkins' granola opportunities


There is significant growth potential in the bar market, with room for new products in the health, diet, and indulgence sectors. In addition to granola bars, Baker Perkins uses wirecut technology to make a variety of fruit filled, energy, cookie and breakfast bars.

The key to sustained growth and market share is to continually add interest and variety, and Baker Perkins offers proven equipment that enables imaginative manufacturers to extend their product range.

Baker Perkins' TruClean™ Wirecut allows filled bars to be produced with an unlimited variety of sweet and savory fillings, including low fat options. Baker Perkins' equipment offers an extensive choice of shapes, profiles, fillings and toppings. It also accommodates ingredients with recognized health benefits such as whole grains, nuts, fruit pieces, low-carb crispy pieces, fibre, soy and whey protein.

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Potential in the bar market

Food extrusion

The widening capability and flexibility that twin-screw extrusion brings to producing a variety of foods, plus ingredients and TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein) is highlighted by Baker Perkins at Pack Expo.

Twin-screw extrusion is increasingly used to produce core ingredients. The process is hygienic and energy efficient: all the action is in the short barrel – components in, product out seconds later. And if a market changes, the extruder can be adapted for a wide choice of other applications.

Bread is a typical example in the ingredient industry. The traditional process for making breadcrumb involves mixing, forming and baking bread before discarding the crusts and grinding. The same product can be made with no waste using only a twin-screw extruder. As well as the enormous savings in space, equipment, energy and labor this brings, the process is also much more flexible, enabling quick and easy switching between different recipes.

Similarly for croutons; a bread-like texture can be developed in the extruder and the pieces cut to size at the die or a post-extrusion cutter.

Extrusion is also an excellent way of addressing the market for gluten-free bread products as it can handle with ease the various alternative flours and starches used to make the dough. Extruders also bring a lot of advantages to modified and pre-gelatinized flours used in products such as instant soups, bakery pre-mixes and infant nutrition.

Baker Perkins’ twin-screw extrusion technology for snack production is at the heart of versatile systems producing a wide range of high-quality snacks. In a market driven by innovation, extrusion offers manufacturers the ability to either add to their range or switch production to a completely new product without investing in a complete new line.

Foods high in protein and fiber are becoming mainstream as consumer diet awareness grows. Snacks are a convenient and palatable carrier for these beneficial products, and any existing extruded or co-extruded product recipe can be easily augmented.

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