MOBAC SHOW 2019 - Tokyo, Japan

MOBAC SHOW 2019 - Tokyo, Japan

Baker Perkins will be represented at MOBAC SHOW 2019 in Tokyo, Japan, 20th - 23rd February 2019.

We will be exhibiting alongside our agents, Misuzu Koki Co., Ltd.

A Tweedy™ bread dough mixer for test bakery and laboratory applications will be on display, and will remain in Japan after the exhibition for customer trials at Misuzu Koki.

Full details of the show can be found at

Tweedy™ SuperCool mixing systems

High-speed Tweedy™ SuperCool mixing systems are ideally suited to bakeries in Japan, where a key attribute is the ability to mix a wide range of high-quality doughs with rapid changeover.

The Tweedy™ process is ideal for all types of mechanically developed dough including tin/pan bread, rolls and burger buns, pizza, baguette, focaccia, ciabatta, batter, rye, soda, pita and artisan breads, brioche, breadcrumbs and Panko, bagels, and cinnamon rolls.

Production scale mixers offer batch sizes from 85 to 385 kg for outputs between 1,190 and 5,390 kg/hr. Two machines for test bakeries and laboratories have maximum batch capacities of 8 and 20kg respectively.

Pressure/vacuum mixing controlling the dough texture is a significant Tweedy™ advantage. Applying pressure at the start of mixing helps development by trapping more air in the dough. Applying vacuum towards the end of the cycle controls the size of the bubbles and refines the crumb structure.

The proportion of pressure and vacuum applied determines whether the dough texture is fine – for bagels, for example; or open – such as baguettes. And because these proportions are simply altered, it’s easy to switch to a different product - say between an open textured deep pan pizza and a denser crispy pizza base.

The short mixing cycles of the high-speed Tweedy™ process provide important benefits. Automated ingredient feeds minimise dead-time, while the design of the bowl and beater - plus the speed of rotation - combine to produce a 3D mixing action that stretches and shears more of the dough for more of the time. The result is rapid structural development, allowing up to 12 batches every hour. The process is the same as in conventional mixers – just much quicker.

Rapid product changeover is a benefit to every baker, particularly where a variety of products are needed each day. A time-saving automatic washout system developed for the mixing bowl gives a really effective cleaning action and eliminates operator involvement.

The SuperCool name refers to new technology that makes high-speed mixing possible in any climate. The Tweedy™ SuperCool process combines radically enhanced bowl cooling with advanced control technology to provide precise management of dough temperature anywhere.

The technique features a re-designed cooling system that can significantly increase heat transfer from the dough to the cooling jacket during mixing. The temperature rise during mixing can be reduced by up to 5.5° C.

Baker Perkins’ specialist software measures flour and ambient temperature and relates them to energy requirement for the mixing process. It then regulates incoming water temperature and applies jacket cooling to achieve the exact dough temperature required.

This creates complete control over dough temperature, which is fundamental to efficient downstream handling.

Mixing and forming systems

Baker Perkins will also be promoting its integrated dough forming systems at the MOBAC SHOW. Well proven in demanding, high-output applications around the world, they provide precise mixing, accurate weight control and gentle dough handling - all contributing to performance that drives bread quality up and production costs down.

Systems comprise a number of unit machines linked together by an integrated control system, although every unit may be installed individually on existing lines. Each unit contributes to improved bread quality and reduced production costs, so even a single unit will result in an immediate and measurable improvement in performance.

The Accurist2.1™ dough divider achieves the optimum balance between accuracy and quality, even at high output. Servo control preserves cell structure by minimizing shear, compression and ram movement. Quality benefits include up to 15% increase in cell count, up to 20% increase in softness, greater volume, improved crumb structure and better colour, with a standard deviation of 2.5g to 3.5g SD on 900g pieces.

The Multitex4™ moulder combines gentle dough handling with high efficiency panning for consistent quality and low production costs. Gentle sheeting and moulding enables dough quality to be maintained while reducing the use of costly ingredients such as yeast and improvers.

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