IFT18 - Chicago, IL

IFT18 - Chicago, IL

Baker Perkins will be exhibiting at IFT18 in Chicago, IL, July 15-18 2018. Find us on Booth N7021.

IFT is dedicated to transforming collective knowledge from all segments of the food industry into innovative solutions to help advance food safety, nutrition and sustainability. Full detail of the IFT exhibition can be found at

Baker Perkins will be highlighting technologies for starchless depositing of confectionery and extrusion processing of a range of foods. Both technologies are finding new applications in growing markets, especially the functional and nutraceutical sectors.


Automated cooking and starchless depositing systems for soft, chewy or hard confectionery deliver syrup into rubber, plastic or metal moulds. The process is completely hygienic, with no cross-contamination risk from recycled starch or excessive cleaning of airborne dust. This is one of the reasons it is attracting significant interest for the production of vitamin gummies and similar products in the functional and nutritional product sectors.

In addition, high levels of accuracy and efficiency combined with minimal labor and energy requirements mean that production costs are exceptionally low.

The traditional starch process cannot be considered for functional gummies because of the cross-contamination risk. Starchless depositing adheres to the principles of GMP and is readily capable of validation to FDA/EMEA standard.

The functional confectionery sector has seen vigorous development as consumers opt for prevention rather than cure in applications ranging from boosting the intake of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein, to adding beneficial supplements such as fruit juices, folic acid and Omega-3 to the diet. This sector also extends to sports nutrition where candy is ideally suited to portable and convenient energy and recovery products.

Consumers readily accept confectionery as a delivery method for functional products designed to improve health and well-being, not treat an ailment; delivery in confectionery overcomes a psychological barrier caused by the association of tablets and capsules with illness and medical intervention.

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Twin-screw extrusion technology

Twin-screw extrusion is flexible, hygienic and energy efficient: all the action is in the short barrel – ingredients in, product out seconds later. If it is possible to make a product with an extruder, it is almost certainly the cheapest, most efficient and most compact method of making it. Conventional processing typically involves a great deal more equipment, time and cost.

Twin-screw extrusion technology is at the heart of versatile systems producing a wide range of ingredients and foods; high-quality snacks and ready-to-eat cereals form an ideal base for functional nutrition. Extrusion can be utilised to access the growth market for foods high in protein and fiber which are becoming standard as diet awareness grows.

The protein market, for example, is moving rapidly beyond body building into the mainstream to meet a variety of needs, including balancing diet and weight loss.

Snacks and ready-to-eat cereals are a convenient and palatable carrier for these beneficial nutrients, and any existing extruded or co-extruded product recipe can be easily augmented by changing the product formulation.

Proteins from wheat, dairy, soy or nuts as well as fiber can be introduced to any extruded snack in powder form; soluble fibers can be added to co-extruded products. Whole grain or multi-grain formats could also be chosen to make a positive contribution to the nutritional profile, and strengthen the ‘feel good’ factor. Cereal flakes can be fortified with vitamins, protein and fiber.

Extrusion is also applied to the production of powdered products such as soups and drinks; plus ingredients including modified and pre-gelatinized flours.

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Baker Perkins’ Innovation Centers

Baker Perkins’ Innovation Centers at Grand Rapids, MI and Peterborough, UK, offer facilities that turn concepts into commercially viable products. Customers develop new products and processes, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials.

These Centers contain a wide range of production and laboratory scale equipment dedicated to the food industry. Customers are guaranteed total confidentiality, working with or without the help of Baker Perkins' experienced food technologists.

Companies from every part of the world find that thorough trials, often using their own local raw materials, provide a reliable basis for trouble-free commissioning of a new plant or the launch of a new product.

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