IBIE 2019 - Las Vegas, NV

IBIE 2019 - Las Vegas, NV

Baker Perkins will be exhibiting at IBIE 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 8th - 11th, 2019.

Find us on Booth 6267.

A highlight is the launch of our automatic cookie weight control technology for wirecuts, demonstrated on our latest servo-driven TruClean™ wirecut. We will also be showing the new TruClean™ Series3 rotary moulder; highlighting a brand new oven; presenting dough forming technology for bread; and introducing a new low-volume starch-free system for deposited candy. 

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Cookie and bar dough forming

NEW: TruWeight™ assisted weight control system for wirecuts

The new TruWeight™ assisted weight control system for wirecuts reduces variations in cookie piece weights by individually adjusting the output from each die cup.

In tests, standard deviation on sugar dough has been improved by 52%, from 1.26g to 0.60g (on 49.2g pieces), while on chocolate chip dough the improvement is 33%, from 1.57g to  1.05g (on 42.7g pieces).

In practical terms, this means that the offset between the average and target weight of dough pieces can be much smaller, reducing giveaway without producing underweight product.

The savings in dough and waste - and improvement in profits - are significant, even though weight control on the TruClean™ Wirecut was already best-in-class. TruWeight™ enhances this by enabling operators to quickly detect and accurately compensate for process variations that can affect piece weights over time and across the width of the line.

The system simplifies the gathering and processing of weight data and instructs the operators on the adjustments necessary to each lane. Operation is simple: during production, prompts from the HMI guide the operators through a systematic weight check procedure with the data being fed directly to the PLC via Ethernet/IP. This calculates average weights, compares them with the target stored in the recipe and recommends to the operator which lanes to adjust and by how much. Manual and stepper-motor actuators are available, with the latter enabling changes to be made without stopping the machine.

A patent is pending on the new system.

Servo-driven wirecut

The TruClean™ servo wirecut brings automation and economy to the production of wirecut cookies, bars and filled bars. Outstanding flexibility and process control are key attributes of our patented two-axis servo system. Tailored profiles can be created for each individual product and loaded at the touch of a button, improving ease of operation, product changeover times, cleaning and maintenance.

By adding an encapsulation module the product range is extended to include cookies with fillings completely enclosed by dough. This is the first time that these products can be produced on a standard wirecut at high production rates.

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Series3 rotary moulder

The new TruClean™ Series3 rotary moulder for soft dough biscuits and sandwich cookies sets new standards in hygiene, operation and maintenance, while retaining all the important high performance characteristics of the Series2 rotary moulder. It is designed for consistency at high outputs in environments where accurate control of size, weight and texture are essential.

The Series3 is fully compatible with its predecessor, so die rolls are interchangeable; there is also a version that accepts die rolls originally supplied for the Baker Perkins 390 range of rotary moulders.

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TruBake™ HiCirc convection oven

IBIE will feature an interactive display on the new TruBake™ HiCirc convection oven, which brings higher rates of convection, increased heat flux, and a broader range of product capability than its predecessors. We have introduced improvements in flexibility, efficiency and hygiene, including the capability to be integrated into a hybrid oven.

The stable and predictable baking environment is suitable for a wide variety of products, from brownies, cookies and bars up to crackers and pet treats; it has also already been applied to other products including baked granola and ingredients.

The design of the modular oven body allows the TruBake™ HiCirc to be seamlessly assembled with TruBake™ DGF (Direct Gas Fired) modules to form a hybrid oven combining the advantages of both heating methods.

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Bread dough forming

Two units that offer significant cost reduction benefits in labor and downtime will be on the show stand.

Accurist2.1™ bread dough divider

The Accurist™ range of ram and knife bread dough dividers combines accuracy, dependability, product flexibility and outstanding hygiene.

The latest development is the Accurist 2.1™ servo-controlled wash-down machine. All mechanisms between the frames of the divider are now made from stainless materials. Sealed-for-life bearings enable chemical foam-and-rinse hosedown cleaning of all areas of the divider where oil and product debris may collect.

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Multitex4™ moulder for fully-enrobed seeded loaves

The Baker Perkins Multitex4™ bread dough moulder combines gentle dough handling with high efficiency panning for consistent quality and low production costs. Hygienic operation and rapid repeatable changeovers contribute to exceptionally high operational efficiency with minimal downtime.

IBIE sees the first showing in the USA of a seeding system for the Multitex4. There is rapid growth in the market for fully-enrobed seeded loaves, and the Baker Perkins technique rolls the coiled dough pieces in the seeds or grains before panning. This achieves excellent coverage on the tops, bottoms, sides and ends of the loaf, with high seed retention rates.

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ServoForm™ Mini confectionery depositor

Baker Perkins has developed and launched an innovative, low volume starch-free system for confectionery products for the fast-growing nutraceutical and supplement markets.

The system comprises continuous cooking and starch-free depositing processes with a typical output of 60 kg/hr (132 lbs/hr) and piece weights ranging from 2g to 16g.

It uses the same process and control technology as Baker Perkins’ well-established high-output ServoForm™ starch-free depositors, and can produce a full range of deposited products.

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