Food Ingredients Europe - Paris, France

Food Ingredients Europe - Paris, France

Baker Perkins and Rousselot will be demonstrating starch-free depositing of gelatin gummies at Food Ingredients Europe in Paris, France, 3rd - 5th December 2019.

The demonstrations will take place on the Rousselot stand, H6-F110. They will show how the combination of Rousselot’s innovative SiMoGel™ gelatin and Baker Perkins’ starch-free depositors with reusable moulds enable gelatin gummies to be produced in a few minutes rather than the 24 hours typical with a starch mogul.

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Nutraceutical, medical and vitamin gummies

Starch-free depositing is especially relevant for nutraceutical, medical and vitamin gummies, where the starch process cannot be considered.

Hygiene - particularly the elimination of cross-contamination - and strict recipe accuracy are critical, making starch-free depositing ideal. In addition, the consistent weight and high-class appearance of the products support premium pricing and healthcare positioning. Depositing adheres to the principles of GMP and is readily capable of validation to FDA/EMEA standards.

Innovative confectionery

The process is equally applicable to the market for confectionery gummies.

Textures ranging from soft to chewy can be achieved by adapting the recipe. A variety of different shapes are possible - these include lollipops and full-3D shapes that are simply not possible on a mogul. Solid, striped, layered and centre-filled products can be made, with the latter opening up interesting product development opportunities for nutraceutical manufacturers.

Depositing is more cost-effective than a mogul in every respect, including capital and operating costs, floor space and process inventory. The starch process involves handling and filling starch trays, drying out the products, recycling the starch and keeping the line clean so labour, energy, and consumable costs are high. Starch-free depositing is a simpler process that requires less equipment and floor space, while the absence of starch means that plant hygiene and the working environment are significantly improved.

Baker Perkins’ depositing process is scalable, with systems available from 30 kg/hr up to 1,000 kg/hr. They are economically viable for companies of any size, from start-up operations to established high-output manufacturers in both the confectionery and nutraceutical sectors.

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