European Coatings Show 2019 - Nuremberg, Germany

European Coatings Show 2019 - Nuremberg, Germany

Baker Perkins will be exhibiting its powder coating extrusion technology at the European Coatings Show 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany, 19th - 21st March 2019.

A production scale MPX65 twin-screw extruder will be on display, complete with the new MAX³ feed system, capable of creating throughput increases of up to 30%.

We will also be highlighting our dedicated powder coating Innovation Centre, as well as our capability to provide turnkey powder coating production systems.

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Higher throughput, less downtime in upgraded MPX extruder range

New features offering increased throughput, a reduction in downtime and remote access for immediate machine evaluation worldwide are included in upgrades to the Baker Perkins range of MPX powder coating extruders.

These extruders provide continuous production at outputs from 100 to 2,900kg/hour. They are specifically designed for all types of powder coating formulations, including epoxy, hybrids, polyester, acrylics and fines recycling.

There is an extensive list of options. A water cooled motor is quieter and easier to clean than the air cooled alternative. A gearbox condition monitoring system reduces unexpected downtime by providing advanced warning of any maintenance needed.

A gravimetric feeder provides improved accuracy, and a side feeder is available for low-density materials. For barrel cleaning materials, a purge feeder can be provided, plus a pivoting feeder to assist purge cleaning and calibration.

A new integrated control system has been developed that works with every machine in the Baker Perkins powder coating extruder range. The system includes remote access over the internet via a VPN router. This enables Baker Perkins engineers to log in to a machine anywhere in the world for fault-finding, commissioning and software updates.

Options include systems integration of upstream and downstream equipment into a single control point for the line; and integration of optional features such as gearbox condition monitoring and gravimetric feeder data to provide machine throughput and specific energy calculations.

Automatic management of machine settings through a system holding up to 50 formulations ensures exact, unvarying replication of each product, eliminating quality variations caused by operator error.

The gearbox condition monitoring system reduces unexpected downtime. This simple, low-cost system continuously monitors the frequency and amplitude of vibrations within the gearbox, allowing the ongoing condition of vital components to be measured. The principal benefit is elimination of unforeseen loss of production because of gearbox repair or replacement: maintenance scheduling is significantly enhanced.

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Baker Perkins' upgraded range of industrial extruders

MAX³ feed system for increased throughput

A new feed system for Baker Perkins powder coating extruders will be featured on the MPX65 on display.

The MAX³ features a re-designed feed port and screws to improve flow of material into the extruder barrel and air out of it, which can lead to a throughput increase of up to 30% across all formulas.

A patent has been applied for this new development, which can be retrofitted to existing machines.

The innovation addresses long-term problems within the industry of restricted output and torque surges caused by material building up in the extruder feed port. This occurs when particles hit the intake screws and ‘bounce’ back into the infeed areas rather than flowing into the machine.

 A major benefit is that lightweight, low density materials are handled more efficiently. This eliminates the need for side feeding, reducing capital cost, floor space and running costs: side feeding forces product into the screws, causing high levels of wear.

As this material builds up in the infeed area, it becomes progressively more difficult for air to escape, further reducing the flow of material into the extruder barrel. Torque load increases either until the blockage clears – and the cycle repeats - or the machine cuts out. Other manufacturers have dealt with the problem by reducing the feed rate of material into the extruder, inevitably cutting output.

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Baker Perkins' MAX³ feed system for increased throughput

Turnkey powder coatings systems

Our turnkey powder coatings systems meet rising demand from the industry for single-source, integrated lines.

Baker Perkins is joined by partners providing specialist technology for each part of the process, to offer full, industrial-scale continuous lines for high-quality powder coatings with capacities reaching 2,900 kg/hour (6,400 lb/hr).

In addition to the extruder, a complete process line comprises weighing and feeding the mix before the extruder, and cooling, flaking and grinding after the extruder. Baker Perkins ensures that the capacities and capabilities of all individual units are matched, that mechanical and electrical interfaces are optimized, and that a centralized control system covers the whole fully automated line.

Control systems provide clear, at-a-glance visualization of the process, including current status of all major components and parameters.

Continuous processing gives productivity and product quality improvements, overcoming many of the drawbacks of traditional batch processing alternatives that require time, effort and investment. Continuous processing reduces many process stages to one, lowering investment, energy, labour and space requirements with negligible waste.

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Baker Perkins' turnkey powder coatings systems

Dedicated powder coating Innovation Centre

Baker Perkins’ Extrusion Innovation Centre offers full powder coating production facilities, alongside research and development services for a whole range of Industrial Extrusion applications.

It is available for customers looking to develop new products and processes, produce samples, or conduct feasibility trials.

The Centre, located at Peterborough in the UK, offers use of a MPX24 Integra twin-screw extruder with feeder, chill roll and flaking unit. There are grinding, spraying and curing facilities available, plus analytical instruments to check consistency and quality for characteristics including thickness, gloss and imperfections.

Customers from around the world can work with their own raw materials and are guaranteed complete confidentiality, working alongside Baker Perkins’ technologists to supply data to enable smooth, uncomplicated commissioning of new equipment or development of new products.

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Baker Perkins' powder coating Innovation Centre

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