Campden BRI International Bakery Technology Conference - Chipping Campden, UK

Campden BRI International Bakery Technology Conference - Chipping Campden, UK

Baker Perkins is sponsoring and attending Campden BRI's International Bakery Technology Conference in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, on the 23rd and 24th May, 2018.

We will be discussing several innovative developments.

Two involve the Tweedy™ range of mixers. Machines for test and laboratory applications have been added to the range: the Tweedy™ 8 and Tweedy™ 20 have maximum batch capacities of 8 and 20kg (17.5 and 44 lb) respectively.

For bakeries looking to switch to the high-speed Tweedy™ mixing process, these are ideal machines to try out the technology to ensure it will replicate their existing product range.

They are also intended for use by ingredient suppliers working on new formulations to improve high-speed mixing and research organisations studying high speed mixing and other aspects of the bread making process. Applications in artisan scale bakeries, bagel, pastry and other bakery sectors are also anticipated.

The small batch size is ideal for research and testing purposes: a viewing port in the lid allows progress of the mix cycle to be monitored and process parameters can be repeatedly changed to analyse and assess results. For even greater flexibility the batch size may be reduced by up to 50% without affecting the process.

The range of applications for Tweedy™ mixers is now extremely broad. The Tweedy™ established its reputation as a high-speed, high-energy machine for tin bread. But there’s absolutely no reason why its attributes of consistent quality, rapid mixing, efficiency at low cost, automatic control and hygiene should not be harnessed for other processes, including liquid sponge, sponge and dough, and sour dough.

A broad variety of diverse products can be handled: pizza, baguette, focaccia, ciabatta, batter, rye, soda, pita and artisan breads, brioche, breadcrumbs and Panko, bagels, cinnamon rolls, burger buns, and biscotti - all fall within the Tweedy™ capability. Pressure/vacuum mixing controlling the dough texture is a fundamental reason. Applying pressure at the start of mixing helps development by trapping more air in the dough. Applying vacuum towards the end of the cycle controls the size of the bubbles and refines the crumb structure.

Innovations for fully enrobed and attractive swirled loaves

Two options we have developed for the Multitex4™ bread moulder add value to the basic loaf by fully enrobing loaves with seeds or grains, and by creating attractive swirled loaves – or by doing both on the same machine. These innovations are available both with new machines and as retrofits on existing moulders.

Demand for seeded bread is growing strongly and is usually met by simply sprinkling seeds or grains onto the top of the loaf as it exits the prover. But less than 25% of the loaf’s surface is covered and there is no way of pressing the seeds into the dough.

Seeding the top, bottom, sides and ends of the loaf (known as fully-enrobing) adds visual appeal and value to the product and supports claims to be tastier and healthier.

The other way of adding value to a loaf is to create swirls by incorporating inclusions by interspersing them with the coils. This is the technique used to make classics such as French pain-au-raisin and American cinnamon swirl.

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