Biscuit People Conference - Zadar, Croatia

Biscuit People Conference - Zadar, Croatia

Baker Perkins is sponsoring, attending, and presenting at the Biscuit People Conference in Zadar, Croatia, 14th - 17th October 2020.

BPC brings together leading industry executives, independent consultants and other biscuit experts to explore and exchange their knowledge, experience and industry innovations.

David Welch, Chief Engineer for Baker Perkins’ range of machinery and systems producing biscuits, cookies and crackers, will present a paper covering the design and operational considerations in setting up and running rotary moulders on high speed and flexible production lines. David has been responsible for delivering multi-million pound biscuit machinery projects worldwide, fully commissioned and operational.

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Baker Perkins provides industry-standard rotary moulders for soft dough biscuits and sandwich cookies: the latest TruClean™ Series3 rotary moulder sets new standards in hygiene, uncomplicated operation, maintenance and rapid product changeover. It is designed for consistency at high outputs in environments where accurate control of size, weight and texture are essential.

Baker Perkins' equipment makes unique products in profitable niche markets as well as complete, automatic production plants. We cover every conceivable type of conventional soft and hard biscuit, cookie and cracker plus filled cookies, bars and filled bars. Frozen dough and encapsulated cookies are specific areas of expertise.

Baker Perkins has completed new design projects across the range, including a patented servo-driven wirecut; an automatic weight control system for wirecuts; and the precisely controlled HiCirc oven,

The TruClean™ servo wirecut brings automation and economy to the production of wirecut cookies, filled cookies, bars and filled bars. Outstanding flexibility and process control are key attributes of the patented two-axis servo system.

The new TruWeight™ assisted weight control system for wirecuts reduces variations in dough weights by individually adjusting the output from each die cup.

The TruBake™ HiCirc convection oven provides higher rates of convection, increased heat flux, and a broader range of product capability than its predecessors. Improvements in flexibility, efficiency and hygiene, include the capability to be integrated into a hybrid oven.

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