Baker Perkins Cereal Showcase 2018 - Peterborough, UK

Baker Perkins Cereal Showcase 2018 - Peterborough, UK

Breakfast cereal manufacturers from across the globe are invited to a comprehensive review of our process technology for breakfast cereal production, to be held at Baker Perkins, Peterborough, on the 24th and 25th April 2018. 

The showcase will combine practical demonstrations with in-depth reviews of every aspect of the processes for extruded and other types of breakfast cereals. 

A full extrusion line for direct expanded and flaked cereals will be available for inspection in our factory. This will be used to highlight not only the high output and high efficiency of the extrusion process but also its inherent flexibility. 

In addition, the showcase will include: 

  • Demonstration in our Innovation Centre of extrusion with a rapid colour change system 
  • Comprehensive review of other production processes for breakfast cereal, including traditionally cooked flakes, shredded cereals and baked granola 
  • Inspection of our latest SBX Master™ high-speed twin-screw extruder 

For more information on the showcase visit our microsite or watch our showcase video 

Be our guest

We will be happy to arrange and pay for your accommodation during the showcase, and will also provide transport between the hotel and our factory. On the evening of the 24th we would like you to join us for a guided tour and dinner in Peterborough Cathedral. 
For more information and to book your place, please contact Lorraine Lester on +44 1733 283361, or fill in the booking form on

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