ASB BakingTech 2019 - Chicago, IL

ASB BakingTech 2019 - Chicago, IL

Baker Perkins will be attending the ASB's BakingTech 2019 at the Hilton Chicago in Chicago, IL, February 24th - 26th, 2019, where we will be promoting our latest dough mixing and bread forming innovations.

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Tweedy™ SuperCool: high-speed dough mixing in any climate

New technology makes high-speed mixing possible in any climate on Tweedy™ mixing systems.

The Tweedy™ SuperCool process combines radically enhanced bowl cooling with advanced control technology to provide precise management of final dough temperature, regardless of the ambient conditions.

The technique features a re-designed cooling system that can significantly increase heat transfer from the dough to the cooling jacket during mixing. There is complete control over dough temperature, with no need for the additional capital and energy costs of flour cooling equipment, bakery air conditioning, or ice addition.

The effectiveness of the system is demonstrated by a reduction in final dough temperature of 5.5°C (42°F) on a large batch industrial mixer. The target temperature for dough is normally 26 to 30°C (79 to 86°F), which is fundamental to efficient downstream handling.

Baker Perkins’ specialist software measures flour and ambient temperature and relates them to energy requirement for the mixing process. It then regulates incoming water temperature and applies jacket cooling to achieve the exact dough temperature required.

Tweedy™ SuperCool is suitable for high-output plant bakeries making pan bread, burger buns, rolls and pizza bases, including the sour dough, liquid sponge and sponge and dough processes.

Bakers in any environment can now benefit from the high-speed Tweedy™ process. All the key features that contribute to precise control of the dough structure and rapid mixing times maximizing consistency and quality are retained.

Short mixing times, small batches and dynamic scheduling minimize downstream waste, giveaway and downtime caused by dough gassing. Product costs are kept low by water absorption rates up to 75% and efficient development of the available protein which produces strong dough from lower protein flour.

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Tweedy™ SuperCool High Speed Mixer

Bread moulding adds value

Two innovations developed for the Multitex4™ bread moulder add value to standard loaves by fully enrobing them with seeds or grains, and by creating attractive swirled loaves – or by doing both on the same machine. These innovations are available both with new machines and as retrofits on existing moulders.

Seeding the top, bottom, sides and ends of the loaf (fully-enrobing) adds visual appeal to the product as well as value, and supports claims to be tastier and healthier.

Demand for seeded bread is growing and has been met by simply sprinkling seeds or grains onto the top of the loaf as it exits the prover. However less than 25% of the loaf’s surface is covered and there is no way of pressing the seeds into the dough, so a great deal may be left in the bag. There is also waste caused by seeds or grains falling through the gaps between the tins.

Baker Perkins’ technique to make a fully-enrobed loaf involves rolling the coiled dough piece in the seeds or grains before panning. This achieves good coverage and simultaneously solves the problems of pressing the seeds into the dough piece and avoiding waste.

The second innovation incorporates inclusions by interspersing them with the coils of dough. This technique has many advantages compared with simply mixing the inclusions into the dough.

Concentrating them in thin strata rather than being widely dispersed creates a much more visually interesting product with an intense flavour hit. Damage to delicate inclusions - such as seeds, nuts, dried fruit and chocolate chips - is avoided, and it is possible to use fillings that would adversely affect texture if mixed into the dough.

Swirl breads with cinnamon or raisins are well established and can readily be made on the Multitex4™, but bake-stable powders and inclusions such as seeds, chopped nuts, dried fruits and chocolate chips are also all possible.

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Multitex4™ for added-value, fully enrobed seeded loaves

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