ALLPACK INDONESIA 2019 - Jakarta, Indonesia

ALLPACK INDONESIA 2019 - Jakarta, Indonesia

Baker Perkins will be represented at ALLPACK INDONESIA 2019 in Jakarta, Indonesia, 30th October - 2nd November 2019.

We will be located on the stand of our agent Rieckermann, and promoting equipment and expertise for the confectionery, biscuit, granola, bar, bread, extrusion and cereal industries.

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Baker Perkins has almost a century of experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of complete high-output confectionery cooking and starch-free depositing systems to make gummies and jellies, lollipops, hard candy, fondants, fudges, toffees and caramels.

Compared to conventional methods such as the starch mogul, die forming or cut-and-wrap, starch-free depositing provides an economic, high quality, smooth product with accurate weight, size and shape characteristics.

The addition of a new low-volume cooking and depositing system to the Baker Perkins range means that the benefits of starch-free production are now available at outputs from 25 to 1,500 kg/hour across a range of hard and soft confectionery products. It is ideal for the nutraceutical and functional confectionery markets, and for 3D jelly manufacture - areas where starch moguls cannot operate.

It brings the benefits of depositing - high quality, high efficiency and versatility - to companies producing confectionery in small batches, including those needing to make a variety of products on one line.


Baker Perkins has completed new design projects in key areas, including a patented servo-driven wirecut, an automatic weight control system for wirecuts; a new rotary moulder, a sheet forming and cutting system, the new HiCirc oven, and an encapsulation system for filled cookies and bars.

These latest additions to our range of machinery and systems for producing every conceivable type of soft and hard biscuit, cookie and cracker, can transform performance, minimise costs and add brand new products to a range.

Complete, automatic production plants include mixing, dough forming, baking and cream sandwiching technology. The equipment harnesses the latest engineering and control expertise to maximise performance while making machines easier to operate, maintain and clean.

New systems for granola production

The granola market is expanding rapidly, and Baker Perkins has developed a series of complete systems to make a variety of either breakfast cereal or bars. The latest development is new equipment to make crunchy granola bars; it extends an equipment range which already includes regular granola bars and baked granola cereal.

The new process involves compressing a sheet of pre-mixed granola to a higher density than conventional cold-formed granola bars, in order to achieve a biscuit-like product with a sharp bite. It was developed to fill a distinct, emerging niche market.


There is significant growth potential in the bar market. In addition to granola bars, Baker Perkins uses wirecut technology to make a variety of fruit filled, energy, cookie and breakfast bars.

The key to sustained growth and market share is to continually add interest and variety, and Baker Perkins offers proven equipment that enables imaginative manufacturers to extend their product range. Baker Perkins' patented TruClean™ wirecut allows filled bars to be produced with an unlimited variety of sweet and savoury fillings, including low fat options.


Baker Perkins’ market leading bread mixing and forming equipment is based on over 100 years experience of the specialist needs of high-output bakeries. Typically installed as an integrated, automated line in tin and pan bread plant bakeries, the equipment is also suitable for many other bakery and hearth bread products.

Dough mixer capability extends beyond bread to buns, pizza dough, pastries and cakes. The Tweedy™ mixing process can provide a full selection of doughs for artisan and country style hearth breads with their open texture. Complete mixing, dividing and moulding systems produce batons, bloomers and similarly shaped loaves: mixing and dividing also covers the full range of hearth breads.

New technology that makes high-speed mixing possible in any climate on Tweedy™ systems is particularly relevant to the Indonesian market. New Tweedy™ SuperCool technology uses an enhanced cooling jacket to reduce the temperature rise during mixing by up to 5.5°C. This enables it to be used in almost every climate without the need for complex and costly ice addition or flour cooling.

Food extrusion

The widening capability and flexibility that twin-screw extrusion brings to producing a variety of foods, plus ingredients, TVP (Texturised Vegetable Protein) and biodegradable packaging is stressed by Baker Perkins at Allpack Indonesia.

Twin-screw extrusion is increasingly used to produce core ingredients such as modified starches, pre-gelatinised flours, breadcrumb and crispies. The process is hygienic and energy efficient: all the action is in the short barrel – components in, product out seconds later. And if a market changes, the extruder can be adapted for a wide choice of other applications.

Baker Perkins' twin-screw extrusion technology is at the heart of versatile systems producing a wide range of high-quality snacks. Extrusion offers the ability to either add to a range or switch production to a completely new product without investing in a new line.

Ready-to-eat cereals

A complete range of unit machines combined with the process knowledge and engineering expertise to build them into reliable and flexible high-output systems enables Baker Perkins to provide lines for rotary cooking or extruding virtually every kind of ready-to-eat breakfast cereal, from traditional corn flakes to modern filled pillows.

These lines comprise standard process modules combined in different ways to make different products and can be expanded at any time with the addition of extra modules to increase output, or change or extend the product range.

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