DJAZAGRO 2018 - Algiers, Algeria

DJAZAGRO 2018 - Algiers, Algeria

Baker Perkins will be exhibiting at DJAZAGRO 2018 at the SAFEX Exhibition Park, Algiers, Algeria, 9th - 12th April 2018, on the stand of our agent EPS (Emballages Process Systèmes).

Product and process technology for the confectionery, bread, snack and cereal industries will be highlighted.


In the confectionery industry, Baker Perkins’ starchless depositors are used extensively around the world for jellies and gummies, hard candies, lollipops, toffees, fudge and fondant. Compared to conventional methods such as starch mogul, die forming or cut-and-wrap, depositing provides a high quality, smooth product with accurate weight, size and shape characteristics.

Baker Perkins has introduced new technology enabling the production of gelatin gummies on starchless depositing systems. World-leading gelatin producer Rousselot’s new SiMoGel™ gelatin allows gummies produced on Baker Perkins’ ServoForm™ depositors to dry in minutes, rather than the 24 hours typical with a conventional starch moulding mogul.

Starchless depositing of gelatin gummies offers substantially reduced capital and operating costs compared with starch moguls, with significantly improved hygiene.

Full-form 3-Dimensional jellies and gummies is a new high-value, high-margin market segment, into which Baker Perkins has recently introduced the first high-output, high efficiency depositor, with a patented mould design ensuring 100% ejection of the products.

Starchless depositing into solid moulds is the only way to make these complex shapes. Intricate 3D shapes are not possible with a starch moulding system, which can handle only 2-Dimensional jellies with a flat top.

We will also be spotlighting the ServoForm™ Mini, a flexible depositing system capable of producing a wide range of hard candy, soft candy and lollipops at outputs up to 54kg/hr. The ServoForm™ Mini brings the benefits of depositing to companies producing confectionery in small batches, including manufacturers of medicinal and healthcare products. It is also an ideal development tool for established producers.

Granola cereals and bars

Baker Perkins will focus on its ability to supply new production and process expertise for the growing market in granola cereals and bars.

Granola represents a significant opportunity due to its rapidly increasing popularity. Awareness of the health benefits of oats (high fibre, slow energy release and gluten-free); the relentless growth of the cereal bar market; and its convenience as a breakfast cereal (much quicker than oatmeal/porridge) are driving significant growth.

Twin-screw extrusion for snacks, ready-to-eat cereals and ingredients

Baker Perkins will highlight the benefits twin-screw extrusion brings to the snack, ready-to-eat cereal and ingredients industries.

Extrusion is hygienic and energy efficient: all the action is in the short barrel – ingredients in, product out seconds later. If it is possible to make a product with an extruder, it is almost certainly the cheapest, most efficient and most compact method of making it. Conventional processing typically involves a great deal more equipment, time and cost.


There is a growing market for sliced white bread produced at high outputs on automated plant, and Baker Perkins has a successful track record of supplying mixing and forming systems to bakeries in the region.

Baker Perkins’ dough mixing and dough forming systems for plant bakeries producing high-quality pan bread are designed to maximize quality and minimize cost. Gentle dough handling arising from innovative design, combined with the latest control technology, produces bread at new levels of consistency and excellence.

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