Confectionery Production World Confectionery Conference - Brussels, Belgium

Confectionery Production World Confectionery Conference - Brussels, Belgium

Baker Perkins will attending Confectionery Production's World Confectionery Conference in Brussels, Belgium on 9th September 2022.

Sales manager Jason Scott will present a paper focusing on our response to the rising demand for cooking and starch-free depositing systems in the rapidly growing functional and healthcare markets for gummies and jellies.

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The new ServoForm™ Flexi for starch-free depositing

Starch-free depositing has made production more efficient, hygienic and significantly more cost-effective in every aspect than traditional alternatives such as the starch mogul: capital cost, floor space, energy consumption, labour and consumables. Baker Perkins’ starch-free processes are reproducible, and capable of validation, with the active ingredients present in precisely the quantities claimed.

The hygienic qualities and accuracy of Baker Perkins ServoForm™ depositing systems make them ideal for these markets, and the new ServoForm™ Flexi meets the needs of manufacturers looking for the cleanliness and simplicity of starch-free depositing but with the longer setting times and versatility of moguls.

Products using gelatin, pectin, carrageenan or blends as the gelling agent can all be handled, delivering a variety of functional ingredients including vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, CBD, Omega-3, probiotics and energy supplements.

Depositing is at final solids, so although the products need time to set before being demoulded no drying is required. Setting time varies according to composition, from a few minutes for some pectin recipes up to a maximum of four hours for gelatin. This significantly reduces the time, energy and space required for post-depositing operations.

At the end of the depositor the moulds are removed from the machine and stacked on pallets before being moved to a setting room.

After setting, the moulds are loaded into a demoulding machine where the product is removed gently and transferred to finishing processes such as oiling, sanding and conditioning before packaging.

Two versions of the ServoForm™ Flexi are available: a single depositing head gives outputs up to 125,000pcs/hr (500 kg/hr); a longer machine with two heads can produce up to 250,000pcs/hr (1,000kg/hr). Each head can have one or two hoppers enabling solid, striped, centre-filled and layered products to be made. The hoppers can also be divided into two sections, each with independent servo control, so that two different products may be deposited simultaneously.

The Flexi uses the same servo-controlled depositing head that is found on every Baker Perkins ServoForm™ depositor, from laboratory machines up to high output systems. This offers well-proven accuracy, reliability and flexibility as well as easy cleaning and rapid changeover. Moulds are fed under the depositor head on an intermittent conveyor and lifted under the nozzles to minimise tailing

Choice of proven Baker Perkins cooking process to accompany the ServoForm™ Flexi depends on the end product. The industry-standard Microfilm cooker has a unique thin-film process; the Turbofilm is a plate heat exchange cooking system.

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