ABA Technical Conference 2019 - Atlanta, GA

ABA Technical Conference 2019 - Atlanta, GA

Baker Perkins will be attending the ABA Technical Conference at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, GA, October 20-23, 2019.

We will be highlighting new equipment including a patented servo-driven wirecut, an new weight control system for wirecuts, a new rotary moulder, the new HiCirc oven, and an encapsulation system for filled cookies and bars.

These latest additions to our range of machinery and systems for producing every conceivable type of soft and hard biscuit, cookie and cracker, can transform performance, minimise costs and add brand new products to a range.

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TruWeight™ assisted weight control for wirecuts

Baker Perkins' new TruWeight™ assisted weight control system for wirecuts automatically compensates for weight variations across the band by individually adjusting the output from each die cup.

Unique die and filler block technology ensures that Baker Perkins' wirecuts already offer outstanding weight accuracy of +/- 1% on sugar doughs and 2% on dough with inclusions. The new system improves on this by detecting and compensating for the small process variations in mixing and forming that can affect piece weights over time and across the width of the line.

The TruWeight™ system simplifies the gathering and processing of weight data and automates the task of making the necessary adjustments. Accuracy is directly reflected in profit: each 1% of waste saved can translate to $88,000 additional profit annually in a single-shift business.

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Baker Perkins' TruWeight™ assisted weight control

Servo-driven wirecut

The unique design features and functionality of Baker Perkins’ patented TruClean™ two-axis servo-driven mechanism provide infinite variability to the wire cutting, return path and band drop.

This enables optimum cutting performance, even at high speeds, on difficult doughs including those with a range of different inclusions.

The versatile TruClean™ servo-driven wirecut is also capable of two-dough and gourmet cookies featuring large chunks of luxury ingredients such as chocolate, nuts and fruit to create high-end, value-added products. Traditional round shapes can range in size from mini cookies to large gourmet cookies, with the ability to create a variety of other shapes.

The TruClean™ wirecut produces bars with an unlimited variety of sweet and savory fillings and with an extensive choice of shapes, profiles, fillings and toppings. Ingredients with recognized health benefits such as protein, fiber, whole grains, nuts, fruit pieces, and low-carb crispy pieces can also be accommodated.

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Baker Perkins’ TruClean™ wirecut

Encapsulated cookies

For the first time, fillings totally enclosed by dough can be produced on a standard wirecut at high production rates.

Baker Perkins’ unique encapsulation module can be fitted to any wirecut, new or existing, adding the capability to produce center-filled cookies and bars.

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Baker Perkins’ wirecut encapsulation module

The innovative Series3 rotary moulder

The Baker Perkins TruClean™ Series3 rotary moulder sets the standards in cleaning, maintenance and hygiene for soft dough biscuit and sandwich cookie production.

Easier cleaning reduces operating expenditure; open access, fewer guards and easy removal of components means maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

The new design Series3 retains all the important high-performance characteristics of the highly successful Series2 machine, proven around the world. It is designed for consistency at high outputs in environments where accurate control of size, weight and texture are essential.

The Series3 is fully compatible with its predecessor, so die rolls are interchangeable and there is a version that accepts die rolls originally supplied for the Baker Perkins 390 range of rotary moulders.

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Baker Perkins TruClean™ Series3 rotary moulder

Hybrid capability with the new TruBake™ HiCirc oven

The new Baker Perkins TruBake™ HiCirc convection oven brings higher rates of convection, higher heat flux, and a broader range of product capability than its predecessors.

The new oven is a development of the well-proven HiCirc oven with improvements in flexibility, efficiency and hygiene and, for the first time, the ability to be integrated into a hybrid oven.

The stable and predictable baking environment is suitable for a wide variety of products, from brownies, cookies and bars up to crackers and pet treats; it has also already been applied to other products including baked granola and ingredients.

The design of the modular oven body allows the TruBake™ HiCirc to be seamlessly assembled with TruBake DGF (Direct Gas Fired) modules to form a hybrid oven combining the advantages of both heating methods.

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Baker Perkins' TruBake™ HiCirc convection oven

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