Parts: Mixers

  • Recommended Parts

    Our recommendations for the parts that our customers should keep in stock are split into three categories:

    Red – critical parts whose failure would result in an immediate loss of production
    Amber – generally wear parts which have to be replaced on a regular basis in order to maintain quality and efficiency
    Green – standby parts, including those required for routine and preventive maintenance

    Below is a typical list for a Tweedy™ mixer. Please contact us to request a detailed quote for your specific machines.


    1. Drive belts

    2. Torque limiter
    3. Brake pads (and/or kits)
    4. Lid seal
    5. Lid lift cylinder & switches
    6. Clamps


    7. Bearing housings
    8. Seal kits for bearing housings
    9. Pneumatics
    10. Safety switches


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    1. Load cells
    2. Rod ends
    3. Socks

    4. Flour/water valves
    5. Vacuum/pressure pump repair kit

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    1. Cam followers

    2. Bearings

    3. Chain
    4. Hoist brackets

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  • Specialized Parts

    Specialized Parts

    At the heart of the Tweedy™ Mixer is the impact plate. This is a highly developed and carefully engineered component that is critical to the success of the process. It is vital that replacements replicate the process precisely and that manufacturing quality is high enough to withstand the considerable forces that the impact plate is subjected to.

    Upgraded Parts

    New Baker Perkins designs are available for the impact plate bearing housing on later models. Improved sealing and stronger construction extend service life, particularly on PV versions of the mixer

  • Request Quote

    Where to find your Baker Perkins name plates:

    Your Baker Perkins name plates can be found on the main frame of the machine. It is usually located near to the main drive.

    When ordering replacement parts, please quote the following typical details if possible:

    Contract number [i.e. BPF 000000]

    Machine number [i.e. 271/1BPF 999000]

    Description of the part [i.e. spring]

    Drawing number or code number of the part [i.e. 9386892G]

    Quantity required

    Quoting all the above will assist Baker Perkins to supply quotes and parts quickly.

    Request quote

    Please use this link to check availability of recommended parts and request a quote for your equipment.

    If a required item is less clearly defined:

    Please also quote the number of the picture drawing on which it is shown.

    An email of the drawing with the part highlighted can be useful in identifying any parts required.

    A photograph of the required part can also be useful in identifying any parts required.

    Please contact Baker Perkins’ customer support centre to discuss your requirements.

eSheet: Tweedy™ Mixing Systems

eSheet: Tweedy™ Mixing Systems

Lifetime Support for Bakery Equipment

Lifetime Support for Bakery Equipment

Parts, service, upgrades and rebuilds for your Baker Perkins machines for as long as they remain in production.

Complete Bakery Process Lines

Complete Bakery Process Lines

Baker Perkins' range of integrated dough mixing and forming systems has been well proven in demanding, high-output applications around the world.