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1. Autofeed

Weighs and mixes up to 16 dry and liquid confectionery ingredients into a homogeneous slurry. Individual ingredients are fed via a weigh hopper into the mixer and mixed during the fill cycle to produce a consistent slurry. Batches are fed from the Autofeed mixing tank to two reservoir tanks to facilitate a continuous feed to the cooker.

2. Turbofilm™ Cooker

A plate pack heat exchanger dissolves sugar and hydrates the starch. The product passes to a jet cooker which subjects the flow of candy to a sudden drop in pressure.

3. Colour / Flavour Incorporator

Incorporates colours and flavours into the cooked syrup via a gravity split feed system. Each colouring and flavouring system is specified to match the level of automation required by the customer and the characteristics of the depositing system.

4. ServoForm™ Jelly Depositor 

Syrup is deposited at final moisture into silicone or metal moulds, then cooled. Products are deposited at final solids, so no drying is required. 3D jellies are deposited into clip-in moulds that allow rapid, low-cost product changes.

  • Jellies & Gummies

    ServoForm™ Jelly is starchless process for the production of jellies, gums and fruit snacks. Solid moulds in a variety of materials enable a full range of products, including 3D jellies, to be made hygienically and efficiently.

    Lines comprising cooking, depositing, cooling and finishing are available with outputs from 100kg/hr up to 1,900kg/her depending on product size, formulation and cooling time. The products are deposited at final solids so no drying is required.

    As an alternative to starch moguls it is significantly more cost-effective in every aspect: capital cost, floor space, energy consumption, labour and consumables. It is also completely hygienic with a fully automatic wash-down function, non-contact ejection system and no recycling of starch. This makes it the only viable process for the growing functional and healthcare jelly markets.

    Jellies and gums is a fast growing sector with an increasing variety of high-value products, such as 3D shapes. Products made using the Baker Perkins ServoForm™ Jelly process benefit from excellent weight and dimensional accuracy, with no shrinkage, and enhanced definition for intricate product shapes. Inclusions such as real fruit pieces can be incorporated and liquid centre-fills are also possible.

    The 3D mould system uses a new carrier design with clip-in moulds that allows rapid low-cost product changes. This widens the range of products that a single line can produce; this versatility may be enhanced by depositing multiple shapes, meaning a single ServoForm™ line can produce the same product range as a number of smaller low output lines – but at much lower cost. 3D shapes are not possible with a starch moulding system

    ServoForm™ depositing is part of a complete production package supplied by Baker Perkins. It includes ingredient, formulation and process parameters, product development and testing, as well as the process technology for cooking and depositing.

  • Functional & Medicated

    Baker Perkins’ ServoForm™ depositor platforms enable the production of hard, jelly or fruit products that can be positioned as a healthy alternative to snacks or conventional confectionery, or used to improve profitability within the healthcare market.

    Medicated, enriched or fortified pastilles, jellies and hard confectionery products can be manufactured in low-sugar or sugar-free formats, with no more than 1% fat. The technology is suitable for products containing ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre and energy supplements. Healthcare positioning may be further enhanced by including fruit paste, juice or pieces. Real fruit juice can be added as a centre filling.

    The hygienic nature of the ServoForm™ processes makes them ideal for production to validation standards for healthcare products. The system is particularly suitable for products where validation of the process is required: jellies made on a mogul line that includes starch recycling will struggle to meet this criteria

    The nature of the depositing process creates complete control throughout the system, leading to extremely high dimensional, shape and weight accuracy with negligible scrap rates, and maximum hygiene.

    As well as being capable of validation, Baker Perkins’ starchless depositing technology brings high standards of quality, convenience and hygiene to healthcare confectionery production, eliminating the time and cost penalty of the traditional starch process.

    The ServoForm™ platforms offer a complete cooking, depositing and finishing process for healthcare products, based on continuous depositing at final solids into reusable moulds. Baker Perkins offers support at every stage of the process of bringing new products to market. In addition to equipment supply, installation and commissioning assistance is provided with product formulation, process development and operator training.

    A pilot scale depositing line is available for customers to develop new products in the Baker Perkins Innovation Centre at Peterborough, UK.

  • Required Equipment
    Weighing & Mixing  


    batch disolver





    Batch Dissolver



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    Turbofilm™ Cooker

    Colour / Flavour Incorporator



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    ServoForm™ Jelly Depositor


Brochure: Confectionery

Brochure: Confectionery

White Paper: Achieving Accuracy and Hygiene in Medicated and Functional Confectionery

White Paper: Achieving Accuracy and Hygiene in Medicated and Functional Confectionery

Jelly & Gum Products

Jelly & Gum Products

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Functional & Medicated Confectionery

Functional & Medicated Confectionery

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Confectionery Innovation Centre

Confectionery Innovation Centre

Baker Perkins offers all its customers facilities to develop new products and processes, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials.