Small Scale Candy Making Equipment

Baker Perkins small scale candy making equipment is suitable for low output production and lab applications. Each cooker faithfully replicates the processes used in full-scale plants.

Why Choose Baker Perkins?

Full Process Support - We offer lifetime support for our clients which extends from design and manufacture right through to installation, site visits, and phone support.

High Quality Systems - Our small scale candy making equipment is reliable and trusted by leading manufacturers.

World Class Innovation - We combine process expertise with engineering excellence to provide high quality and highly efficient food production technologies.

Designed for flexible small batch lines and the continuous cooking of syrups. Our innovative equipment is suitable for both hard and soft confectionery products, including those made with pectin, gelatin, or blends. Each of our compact cooking units cleverly replicate the processes used in full-scale production plants. 

These confectionery cookers are intelligently designed to give operators more control and improve the quality of the finished product. From monitoring the addition of major ingredients to ensuring confectionery is evenly cooked, our batch cooker features on-screen prompts to guide the operator smoothly through the process. 

Our syrup cooking equipment is designed to be highly efficient to increase production levels, while also benefiting from low energy use.

You will find Baker Perkins food processing equipment at some of the world’s leading food manufacturers. Built with engineering excellence and process expertise top brands around the world use and trust small candy making equipment supplied by us.

We also provide professional cooking and depositing systems for hard candy, lollipops, fondant, fudges, toffees, caramels, jellies, gummy sweets, healthcare confectionery and Xylitol confectionery

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