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    Plate Heat Exchanger Dissolvers

    A range of plate heat exchangers - with outputs from 200 to 2,000 kg per hour - is available for the continuous dissolving of many confectionery syrups. The unit is fed with a continuous supply of a homogeneously pre-mixed syrup slurry via a suitable metering pump. The number and size of plates used determines the output.

    The plate pack is mounted within an enclosed frame, providing hygienic operation with all surfaces accessible for cleaning. All materials that come into contact with the product are stainless steel.

    Scraped Surface Dissolvers

    Scraped Surface Dissolvers are specifically designed for dissolving confectionery syrups that contain ingredients which may burn onto heated surfaces; as is the case for toffees and caramels, which contain milk and dairy fat. To overcome this problem the heated surface is continuously scraped, minimizing burn on and improving heat exchange efficiency.

    The Dissolver comprises a vertically mounted, steam jacketed heated tube - suitably insulated and stainless steel covered. Product enters at the bottom of the tube and exits from the top. A number of these units can be mounted in series to increase output, and would form part of a total toffee / caramel dissolving and cooking plant.

    The scraper has a fixed speed drive and steam controls form part of the total package. The Dissolver would be fed with a continuous supply of a syrup slurry from a holding vessel via a positive displacement metering pump. All product contact materials are in stainless steel, and the vertical tube is manufactured to accepted pressure vessel regulations.

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Brochure: Confectionery

Brochure: Confectionery

Complete Confectionery Process Lines

Complete Confectionery Process Lines

Cooking and depositing systems for hard candy, lollipops, fondant & fudges, toffees & caramels, jellies & gums, healthcare confectionery and Xylitol confectionery.

Lifetime Support for Confectionery Equipment

Lifetime Support for Confectionery Equipment

Parts, service, upgrades and rebuilds for your Baker Perkins machines for as long as they remain in production.