Corn Flakes

Corn Flakes schematic

Baker Perkins Cereal Master TX™

For Corn flakes, as well as Bran, Wheat & Multigrain flakes:

1. Cooking & Pellet Forming 

Gentle steam cooking of cereal grains in Baker Perkins' Rotary Cereal Cooker ensures that the texture, flavour and nutritional benefits of wholegrain ingredients are retained in the final product. Once cooked, a Pellet Mill and Conditioner achieve the correct size of flake, then a Tempering Bin equalizes the moisture in the grain ahead of flaking.

Dryer can also be added to the line to enable the manufacture of high quality multigrain flakes alongside cornflake production. 

2. FlakeMaster™ Flaking Roll

Consistent flake quality is achieved using the Baker Perkins FlakeMaster™ flaking rolls.

3. Thermoglide2™ Toaster

Controlled toasting and drying of the flakes takes place in the Baker Perkins Thermoglide2™ toaster where the fluidized bed process minimizes product damage.

  • Cereal Master TX™

    The Baker Perkins Cereal Master TX™ rotary cereal cooker line is specified by leading manufacturers to satisfy the market for superior quality cereal products with enhanced consumer appeal.

    Rotary cooking is a well-proven technology, producing many of the world’s foremost brands.

    This best-in-class unit machine is at the core of systems producing superior flaked and shredded products.

    A standard Cereal Master TX™ line making traditional wheat and bran flakes consists of a rotary cereal cooker, pellet mill and conditioner, FlakeMaster™ Flaking Roll and a Thermoglide2™ toaster.

    The rotary cooker handles milled or whole grain cereal products such as wheal, corn and bran. Gentle steam cooking ensures that the texture, flavour and nutritional benefits of wholegrain ingredients are retained by automated cooking cycles that guarantee gentle, even hydration of the cereal grains whilst retaining the starch structure.

    Baker Perkins systems are designed to be simply expanded or adapted on a modular basis when customers need to increase output or expand a product range. Multigrain products, corn flakes and a range of coated products are all achievable by progressively extending the standard line with additional units such as drying and tempering equipment. A coating system is also an option for adding further value through frosting or glazing.

  • Required Equipment
    Cereal Cooking  


    Cereal making machine rotary cooker





    Rotary Cereal Cooker

    Cereal Forming  





    FlakeMaster™ Flaking Roll


    Cereal Toasting  


    thermoglide Cereal making machine






    Thermoglide2™ Toaster

    Syrup Coating  


    Cereal making machine coating system






    Preparation & Coating Systems


    Laboratory Scale Systems  







    Laboratory Scale Cereal Cooking System


Brochure: Breakfast Cereals

Brochure: Breakfast Cereals

Traditionally Flaked Products

Traditionally Flaked Products

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Cereal Innovation Centres

Cereal Innovation Centres

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