Cereal Master TX™ - Traditional Flakes

  • Cereal Master™ Concept

    Cereal Master™ systems are high-efficiency production lines for a wide variety of breakfast cereals. They comprise standard process modules combined in different ways to make different products and can be expanded at any time with the addition of extra modules to change or extend the product range. 

    The Baker Perkins Cereal Master TX™ line is the choice of manufacturers needing the assurance of a consistent high-quality end product. The well proven cereal cooking technology is at the core of complete lines producing many of the world's leading brands.

    Cereal Master TX™ is an expandable process. A basic line making traditional wheat and bran flakes can be progressively extended by incorporating additional units into the line.

    Multigrain products, corn flakes, and a range of coated products are all achievable. A modular approach to process design allows the Cereal Master TX™ system to grow as the customer’s business expands.

    Cereal Master™ TX Key Features

    Gentle steam cooking of cereal grains in the Baker Perkins Rotary Cereal Cooker ensures that the texture, flavour and nutritional benefits of wholegrain ingredients are retained in the final product.

    Pellet forming is used to achieve the correct size of flake when producing bran flakes, wheat flakes or multigrain flakes.

    Consistent flake quality is achieved using the Baker Perkins FlakeMaster™ flaking rolls.

    Controlled toasting and drying of the flakes takes place in the Baker Perkins Thermoglide2™ Toaster where the fluidized bed process minimizes product damage.

    Drying and tempering equipment can be added to the line to enable the manufacture of high quality multigrain flakes and cornflakes. The product range can be further extended by adding a Baker Perkins Coating System for high-value coated cereals.

  • Required Equipment
    Cereal Cooking  






    Rotary Cereal Cooker

    Cereal Forming  





    FlakeMaster™ Flaking Roll


    Cereal Toasting  







    Thermoglide2™ Toaster

    Syrup Coating  







    Preparation & Coating Systems


    Laboratory Scale Systems  







    Laboratory Scale Cereal Cooking System


Brochure: Breakfast Cereals

Brochure: Breakfast Cereals

Traditionally Flaked Products

Traditionally Flaked Products

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Cereal Innovation Centres

Cereal Innovation Centres

Baker Perkins offers all its customers facilities to develop new products and processes, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials.