Gummy Caps combine the benefits of gummies with the efficient delivery of a capsule

Gummy Caps combine the benefits of gummies with the efficient delivery of a capsule

Baker Perkins and Rousselot have extended the range of delivery forms for gummies for the functional and pharmaceutical sectors by developing a completely new format – the gummy cap.

The important difference is the incorporation of the active ingredient in a liquid or gel centre-filling instead of a gelatin gummy. Gummy caps combine the appealing taste and texture of a gummy with the efficient delivery of a capsule and may be used in a wide range of nutraceutical and OTC healthcare products.

This new delivery form reflects the rise in popularity of gummies for medicinal purposes, particularly amongst children: compared with capsules, gummies are visually appealing with a pleasant taste. Taking a daily supplement in this format becomes a treat, not a chore, and the ability to create a variety of 3D shapes with the option of sugar-free production extend marketing opportunities.

Maximise your expensive active ingredients

The gummy cap process maximises the utilisation of expensive active ingredients. An excess quantity is often used when they are added to hot syrup to offset heat degradation: this is avoided by carrying them in a liquid or gel. As an example, an 80mg Vitamin C gummy cap requires 30% less Vitamin C in the formulation than a traditional functional gummy.

There is more freedom on types of nutraceutical and active ingredients – Vitamin B8 can be used in gummy caps. There is also a higher nutrient content possible compared to traditional nutraceutical gummies.

Hygiene and accuracy of starch-free depositing technology

The development is made possible by the accuracy, hygiene and rapid cooling of Baker Perkins’ starch-free depositing technology combined with Rousselot’s fast-setting SiMoGel™ gelatin formulation. Between them, they ensure that the temperature of the filling is kept low to minimise additive degradation.

Starch-free depositing is inherently more hygienic than starch processing. Baker Perkins’ equipment also brings many more benefits to the producers of functional and pharmaceutical gummies. The design of the depositing nozzles provides very high dosing accuracy with very little waste and the machines are easy to operate and clean. Outputs range from 50 to 1,000kg/hr, ensuring that a system is available for every production requirement from small batch to high volume.

Gelatin specifically designed for functional gummy production

Gummy cap fillings are water or oil based. Supplements in the filling could include vitamins and botanical/herbal supplements; probiotics; Essential Fatty Acids; and anti-oxidants. Pain relievers, cough suppressants and antihistamines are typical pharmaceutical ingredients.

Rousselot’s SiMoGel™ is a gelatin solution, specifically designed for functional gummy production. It creates gelatin-based nutrient rich gummies, for which Baker Perkins’ starch-free depositing is the ideal production process: it maximises hygiene and process security by eliminating the risk of cross-contamination of active ingredients associated with the starch mogul.

The process is rapid: 20 minutes setting time compared with up to 24 hours for a mogul.

With no-starch, no dryers, no storage space, and compact equipment it is highly cost effective. There is great flexibility with scalable design, and products can be deposited into easy-to-clean silicone or metal moulds or directly to a blister pack. The elimination of dust during production maximises hygiene.

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