Extruder Servicing

  • Extruder Servicing

    In cereal extrusion plants, problems with product quality and operation can occur because of abrasive wear in the extruder. Baker Perkins engineers will advise on solutions.

    Barrel Retrofits

    Solutions may involve a barrel retrofit. The latest barrel design incorporates replaceable liner inserts providing significant savings in cost of ownership and downtime. After the initial barrel retrofit, further liner replacements are limited to worn sections, not the complete liner

    Engineers will also advise if excessive wear problems can be resolved by fitting parts with higher abrasion resistance.

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    Lifetime Support

    Baker Perkins is committed to Lifetime Support for its equipment. This means that as long as equipment is in production we offer parts, service, repairs, upgrades and refurbishment. Our aim is to improve performance, increase service life and reduce cost of ownership.

    Asset care expertise

    The unique expertise of Baker Perkins service engineers helps with many aspects of asset care. Their training and experience guarantee optimum performance and service life. Capability extends beyond basic maintenance and repair. It involves improvement and optimisation, and restoring operation by advanced fault finding.

Contact Baker Perkins

Contact Baker Perkins

Contact us to discuss all Customer Service and Aftermarket requirements for your Baker Perkins, APV Baker and Werner Lehara equipment.

Lifetime Support for Cereal Equipment

Lifetime Support for Cereal Equipment

Parts, service, upgrades and rebuilds for your Baker Perkins machines for as long as they remain in production.

Cereal Master™ Traditional Cereal Equipment

Cereal Master™ Traditional Cereal Equipment

Equipment for all types of traditionally flaked and extruded breakfast cereals